Jonathan James
Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
IF you tightly organize your browser surfing sessions tab-for-tab THEN I suggest @session_buddy... By simply right-clicking on any page in Chrome you can save your current browser session.. @session_buddy saves the current entire set of tabs making them easily exportable and retrievable using TEXT, CSV, MARKDOWN, HTML, or JSON formatting. As your brainstorming continues you can simply open the session you previously left off with and continue finding new web resources, then export this new session and remove the previous one. If you don't care about exporting your session and sharing or working with it's contents later, and just want simple links with tags then use @Pocket; It offers a tagging system to just tag your links as you save them. I prefer exporting the session.. it removes dependency on an app for managing links and gives you the raw links as a set that can be sent to Cloud, Local Directory, or even Physical External Drive if you need. I find myself sharing exported JSON format sessions with others often. Also, if they don' t have Pocket then it's more difficult to get your session to them. Assuming you're doing research that requires others, I would choose @session_buddy.. otherwise if it's just all personal links that only you will need, use Pocket.
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