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What product has made your long-distance relationship easiest?

I'm in long distance relationship - giving my girlfriend access to my Google Calendar a few months ago was one of the best decisions I made. She doesn't feel frustrated when I'm MIA for long periods of time and I don't have to remind her of my class/meeting schedule. Any other tips?
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  1. Michael LeeMaker of things for humans · Written
    My wife and I did 3.5 years of long distance relationship from 2008-2011. Skype was invaluable to us since we were able to talk to each other almost every day and see each other via video. Obviously if you have an iPhone you could substitute this with FaceTime or the equivalent to a different Phone OS. Communication is key. I think as long as you both exercise good communication it'll help. Plus now with things like SnapChat and Instagram Stories, you can give sneak peeks into your day for your significant other. Make it fun.
    Taimoor HussainDigital Marketing Strategist · Written
    I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for over 2 years and she lives in another country. It was difficult at first but we maintained our connection through skype and facetime. Both have been vital in keeping our relationship strong as they let us communicate. As michael said, Communication is vital to a relationship. I would definitely recommed using skype or facetime
  2. Omer Molad4Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    So easy to have free calls with whatsapp
  3. Ayush Mittal29Head Of Digital Communications · Written
    I know its a game but exchanging doodle art will keep you connected. I did it for a long time. Its available both on iOS and Android. Hope it helps.
  4. 2
    Snapchat 6.1

    New Smart Filters, Replay, Front-Facing Flash & More.

    Quickly share everything from the most mundane moments, to exciting experiences, to just plain-old goofiness. Keep a streak going with loved ones to ensure frequent contact. Great supplement to help feel close to people who are far away.
  5. 1

    End-to-end encrypted email - now on iOS & Android

    End-to-end encryption will make the conversations private, type anything you like!
  6. 1
    Google Duo

    One-to-one video calling. Google's FaceTime competitor.

    Seems like an unlikely answer, but Duo's video calling is so simple, needs fewer clicks and really great video & audio quality even on slower networks made this my top choice