Can you recommend an email app for both macOS and Android?

I'm a Mac user temporarily using an Android phone. I'd like to be able to use the same email client across my devices. Is there any good one available for both platforms? Other than Newton. Thanks.
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    AI meets email for Mac, iOS and Android

    Emily Kramer made this product
    Astro is available on macOS, iOS, and launched just today on Android. I'm biased since I work there, but it's got a ton of modern features and works great across devices...even has a Snooze to Desktop feature, so you can snooze emails from Android to read when you get back to the macOS app.
  2. Pavel FedorovProduction Director at · Written
    Great app
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    Astro for Android

    Modern email app for Mac, iOS, and Android, powered by AI

    Nice app.
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    Spark for Mac

    Beautiful and intelligent email app

    Though it isn't available for android YET really nice looking, with great functions
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    Astrobot for Slack

    Manage your inbox from Slack

    Andy PflaumProduct at Slack; co-founder/CEO @Astro · Written
    Andy Pflaum made this product
    Also to add to the recommendation by Emily (my teammate), yesterday at Astro we launched integration between our mail apps and Slack and Amazon Alexa. We invite you to try them.
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    Microsoft Outlook for iOS

    Official Microsoft Outlook app designed for iPhone and iPad

    hassan chizariLecturer, University of Gloucestershire · Written
    Has a very nice design and very powerful