What's your favourite 3D modelling app?

Please consider how easy the app is to use & create.
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    Creative Freedom Starts Here

    I love this one because it's free and open source!
    The user interface is terrible, but the amount of functionality in this free package is off the charts. Also, suitable for converting 3D models into the DAE format needed for ARKit.
    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    For modeling, I would say Blender is far and away the best free option. Blender also includes powerful sculpting, animation, UV mapping, physics, programming, post production and rendering tools. Nearly everything Modo, Maya or 3DS Max can do, Blender can do just as well.
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    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    The tagline says it all—SketchUp is super simple and an easy way to get started in 3D. A friend recently used it to plan his new floor plan for the apartment he bought.
    Rami DebabI write code and design stuff. · Edited
    SketchUp is definitely one of the easiest 3D modelling apps to use out there, been using it before it was sold by Google, it's simple yet very powerfull ! there is a big community behind it with lots of models to download and learn from
    Very good for modeling simple 3D objects and architectural stuff.
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    Lovely library of diverse 3D avatars

    Samuel BriskarBootstrapper working on ThreeDee · Written
    Samuel Briskar made this product
    I would advise Blender - but once, you download it, you can buy a handy library as a great addition