Olivier HervieuCTO, Smart Flows

Is there a service that can be used to ask people to do something for a small amount of money?

I would like to find a service that would for a small amount of money motivate people to take a video of themselves doing something: like playing a custom song, saying something in different language, etc.. I would use it to motivate my team each time we're delivering something great (like a video of dozens of people saying "you did it" in different languages, a song of someone singing "you deploy all the stuff" etc...)
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    Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5

    Kevin MehrabiFounder of things · Written
    This is the usual go-to
    Olivier HervieuCTO, Smart Flows · Written
    Exactly what I was looking for :)
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    Now on-demand service for cleaning, handiwork, & errands

    Willie MorrisFormerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox · Written
    Fiverr is probably more on-point, but may as well surface TaskRabbit, too!
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    Replace your public email with an inbox that pays you.

    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    This question is interesting. If you wanted to flip it and have people pay YOU to do something (e.g. respond to an email), check out 21. I replaced my public email with a 21 account and charge $5 (a donation to Black Girls Code currently) to send me a message.
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    Probably the easiest and cheapest way to do what you're describing. Post a classified with your request, offer to pay people like $1 or whatever via Venmo or whatever service you want to use.