Daniele Palumbo
Daniele PalumboLead Data Journalist, IBTimesUK

What's the best app for mail in iOS?

As a e-mail reader obsessed, I'm always looking for the best email experience possible on my iPhone. I was a big MailBox (From the creators of Dropbox) fan but the app closed last year. What's your favourite? Why? How your perfect mail app would be? :)
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    Spark by Readdle

    Fast, smart and beautiful email client for iOS

    I've been using Spark for a couple of months now, both on iOS and Mac. So far, it's been very easy to handle several e-mail accounts and still keep an overview. I can definitely recommend using it.
    Michael Lee
    Michael LeeMaker of things for humans · Written
    I'm a big fan of Spark as well. I really like that you can customize the UI to your likings which at first I thought was trivial but now it is a must-have to fit my workflow. Customizations like swipe actions. Plus it syncs all that via iCloud 👍
    Daniele Palumbo
    Daniele PalumboLead Data Journalist, IBTimesUK · Written
    Been using Spark in the last 3 days on iPhone + Mac and WOW! That's a great app!
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    AI meets email for Mac, iOS and Android

    Combines a lot of great features such as tracking, delayed send, etc... Great UI and their bot looks promising
    • Geoff Schaadt
      Geoff SchaadtVP, TryCycle Data Systems

      I've been a delighted user of Astro almost since launch. And now they have sold to Slack - and are immediately shutting down.

      Can anyone recommend a good email/calendar client?

    • Howard Keziah
      Howard KeziahCEO, Impact Technologies Group, Inc.

      My mail client has to handle my personal as well as business mail. My life isn't neatly divided into work and non-work. All my personal mail is through my mac address. Not supporting that makes it worthless to me.

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    Airmail 3

    A simple, beautiful email client for Mac and iOS

    It looks good and has a bunch of features. I use it mainly because of the synced "snooze until …" between Mac and iOS devices.
    • I've been actively searching for an email client that gave me a universal inbox for all my accounts. As a consultant, I regularly have 3+ client email addresses in addition to my main 3-- work, personal, business campaign funnel. I love the sleek design and ability to reach inbox zero. I already have a good email system, so those who dont actively use folders may not be as wowed as I was -- and still am. Looking forward to continued updates, bug fixes and app integrations.

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    Edison Mail

    Your email with an assistant built in

    Face-meltingly fast when loading and searching. Also love the auto-categorization of subscriptions,m travel, packages, bills/receipts, and entertainment.