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What is the best accounting software for freelancers working with several currencies?

I'm a freelancer under the french "auto-entrepreneur" / sole proprietorship status and I work with clients internationally that I charge mostly through Paypal and Stripe in USD and EUR and I pay my taxes in France
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    Invoicing, Expenses, Time Tracking, Contracts & Payments

    This app manages your international freelance business all in one spot; from drafting contracts in the language you choose, to time tracking, expense tracking and even invoicing in the currency you choose. As a user, you can set your home currency and invoice in any other currency. When a payment is received, it will take the exchange rate and convert it to your home currency so your accounting is correct. The payments are directly embedded into your invoicing, and accepts credit cards, ACH & PayPal payments. Worth a try!
    mario8⚡VC @ Charge | 🦊Writer @ The Generalist · Written
    Invoicing in spanish or french or german...with the tax codes?! Dammmn.