Sam ChristieBoard-Certified Music Therapist

What is the cheapest app/site to sell made-to-order drop-shipped shirts & buttons on demand?

I was looking at Spreadshirt but it looks like a combo of store envy and printful might be cheaper. I'm really hoping to do both buttons and shirts but I've only found spreadshirt that does both buttons and shirts. The idea is, I create a design, upload it, and customers can buy t shirts or buttons and they get printed and shipped to the customer without me printing or shipping the buttons.
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    We print, pack and ship your custom merch on demand

    Trevor SookrajFounder at Divisional · Written
    Depends what site you're using to build your store - this integrates perfectly into Shopify, and handles all the printing + shipping for you. They also do miscellaneous products (i.e. mugs) though you can probably find an app that does buttons as well.
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    Cafe Press
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Cafepress might be the least expensive option + they do buttons & shirts.
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    Alonso D Alvarez P Co-founder, OrderingOnlineSystem · Written
    I would recommend you it is one of our companies and you can use our software 100% for free and we charge 0% commission. There is another client of ours that is very successful and sells clothes too. you can check the quality of our online shop software. Let me know if you have more questions