What is the best Instagram client to post directly instead of sending a notification to an app?

Even if you schedule the posts, most of the clients (including Buffer, Hootsuite etc) can't post to IG directly, instead they send you a notification in the mobile app when it is time to post. So you don't get the benefit of actual scheduling. AFAIK, this is because IG has changed the way how their APIs are offered. Any other solutions which supports scheduling *end to end* for IG?
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  1. Kai Gradert
    Kai GradertDesigner at AngelList/Product Hunt · Written
    If you use Lightroom to manage your photos, this is an excellent plugin to post directly to Instagram. No scheduling, but you get a lot of control over what metadata to publish. It has quickly become my preferred way to publish to Instagram.
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    Instagram post scheduling

    Bernardo Mannelli
    Bernardo MannelliItalin blogger, tool addicted · Written
    The best service that is doing it