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What's the latest disruptive fashion platform?

I want to map what is new and what is working when it comes to offering online fashion related services as e-commerce, social networks and so on. It is important to find out what are the fashion platforms having the best engagement with the millennials too. ;)
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    Fashion Tap

    Make money from sharing & tagging the brands you're wearing

    FashionTap is the social network for the fashion world that lets you make money from sharing and tagging the brands and products that you already know and love.
  2. Lucas GrohnEast Coast Trainer | Zillow Offers · Written
    I would say Pinterest or Poshmark are making the biggest dent right now. I would guess that brands and social celebs are going to take advantage of Snap and Instagram even more fully in the near term future.
    Nadia YunConsumer Marketing Google Hardware · Written
    POSHMARK over Pinterest. Why, because of the live community aspect of sharing, selling, buying and trading. Instagram over Snap, there's nothing organic about snapchat. Message me for an intro to the founder of Poshmark.
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    Topology Eyewear

    Custom-fit glasses– sized by a 3D face scan, from any iPhone

    Chris GuestCMO & Head of Growth @ Topology · Written
    Chris Guest made this product
    There are 200,000 pairs of glasses sold in the US alone, every single day. And while there are some new great companies changing how glasses are priced, Topology are the first to completely reinvent how they are made, and solve the biggest problem that most glasses wearers suffer from - fit!
  4. Vishal TiwariFounder, CEO @ Fashinscoop · Written
    Vishal Tiwari made this product
    Fashinscoop is a platform that helps you discover your personal fashion and is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It provides you with the insights on most popular trends around the globe. Its a perfect fashion network for all with built in social features that makes it more engaging.
  5. Cecilbuilding cool things at Matter · Written
    Rent the Runway lets women rent beautiful/fashionable dresses/clothes. I've been to a location in NYC and the level of expertise they provide to match an outfit to a person has to the potential to change how people shop. Great customer service and selection of clothing.