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How do you make friends online?

I love meeting people IRL , but building relationships online is a lot harder. What tools or communities have you found make it easier, to build strong relationships?🤗
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    Meetup for iOS and Android

    Discover groups that are all about the things you love

    Meetup is another medium that helps you to search for a common interest, meet interesting people and start new friendships
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    I think it always helps to share a common interest and a platform like GoodReads, allows you to meet new friends and share ideas, books as a common interest.
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    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Tweet tweet. For me, Twitter has been best for this. And has definitely resulted in the most IRL relationships.
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    Cem CarakTech and Rock Music Lover · Written
    Cem Carak made this product
    WhatTuDu is great because it not only introduces you to new people with common interests, it also allows you to find out things you can do around and therefore meeting people that wants to do those with you. It's also very easy to use as the content is curated based on your taste and it has a swiping interface.