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What's the best home automation light system?

I'm looking for something that works with Homekit, Alexa, and Google Home.
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    Alter the world by changing its background colour.

    Mike Coutermarsh73Code @ GitHub ยท Written
    I have hue lights and they are connected to homekit. Works well. Plus latest version of homekit, can adjust lights when away from home. Good for messing with people, or just making sure you turned the lights off. If you get the hue, also checkout dj light pro for iphone. Have your own light show.
  2. Kate52Head of Social @ GitHub ยท Written
    These are basically just smart plugs that can make all of your existing lights (and anything else you want for that matter) part of your home automation system that will sync with Google Home, Alexa, etc. Dumb lights are now getting an upgrade ๐Ÿ’ก
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    Hue Lights

    Program your lights to be any color

    Yeltsin SealCEO, HospedeSimples ยท Written
    The first recommendation is not the Hue by Phillips. Instead is a game... :P