Wunderlist is shutting down. What should I use instead?

Now that Microsoft has officially announced they're shutting down Wunderlist, what should I use instead? I'm not looking for a full project management tool, just simple collaborative task lists.
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    Taskade 1.0

    Free Collaborative To-Do List and Workspace for Remote Teams

    Evan KimbrellFounder, Sprintkick · Written
    It's dead simple, pretty, & works on every device. Oh and also its completely free. Just load the site and you're instantly in your list. All the other list apps are just over-engineered and I feel like miss the point.
    Bart van PollCo-founder @spottedbylocals · Written
    Haha, I had now idea Wunderlist shut down (almost a year ago!) and have just kept on using Wunderlist until I read this. Still works fine! Tried a couple on this list and stuck with Taskade. Still not simple enough though for me...
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    This is the closest match to Wunderlist that I've found so far. Perhaps a bit over-engineered for my taste and uses a subscription model, but the free version has all the key Wunderlist features: simple task lists, shared lists which update live, mac/web/phone apps. Not bad.
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    John MeeseDean of Platform University · Written
    I actually made this same switch, from Wunderlist to Todoist, several months ago and I couldn't imagine going back even if Wunderlist still was around! It's more intuitive, plain and simple. Has advanced features like labels, priority, and filters if you want them, but those fade to the background if you just want simple tasks. Try Todoist!
    Ria BlagburnHead of Transformation, Vanti · Written
    I moved from Wunderlist to Todoist over a year ago and I'm completely in love with it. One of my favourite things about it is how easy it is to schedule things - you can write stuff like "Call my grandma the last weekday of every month" or "Read a book every Friday from 12th May" and it'll create a recurring task for then.
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    Any.do: To-do list, Calendar & Reminders

    +20M people rely on Any.do to keep their lives under control

    Omer PerchikFounder & CEO, Any.do · Edited
    Omer Perchik made this product
    Any.do is #1 app for getting things done with over 20M users worldwide. On top of that, we recently added: * A full calendar into the iOS app (with Android coming VERY SOON) * The Any.do Assistant (beta) who can take care of your tasks for you! More here: https://www.wired.com/2016/11/do... * Awesome integrations with Alexa, Siri and allows you to keep your life under control anywhere you go. We just built a Wunderlist Tasks Importer: https://www.any.do/import/wunder... Happy Any.do'ing 😎
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    Andy D LeeCo-founder & CTO NeuroInitiative · Written
    I replaced Wunderlist with any.do a while ago. Just felt more right and easier to integrate into my routine.
    The 'moments' feature of any.do is one that is the difference maker. Helps you be mindful to re-sort out your list to adjust to the days priorities.
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    A simple and effective to-do list and task manager

    Brandon HallDesign Director · Written
    I've found this to be the most natural switch from Wunderlist. In all honesty I wish I would have found it sooner.
    Conner DrewSr Product Designer · Written
    I couldn't be happier switching to TickTick from Todoist, and Wunderlist before that. By far the most feature rich to do manager without feeling bloated. Excited in the direction it's going! Don't hesitate to get it!
    The main features are free. It has a great reminder's feature and it works very well with recurrent to-do's. It also sports categories to assign each task. It has web and Android versions (not sure if also iOS!).
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    24me for Apple Watch

    Smart personal assistant that simplifies your life

    Liat MordechayCo Founder CMO at 24me · Written
    Liat Mordechay made this product
    24me offers an all in one solution to manage to do's with calendar and notes including integrations to real life accounts. It was named by Apple 'Best of App Store'. Here's a link to 24me on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/.... We also launched a new app named: Complete - which is a stand alone to-do list with integration to Amazon Alexa and more advanced task management features. Here's the latest blog we published about Complete: https://medium.com/@liatmord/why.... To get Complete on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
    Stefanie AminiDiscovering Coffee & Gossip Media · Written
    I find this app to be intuitive to my phone and therefore easy to use when it comes keeping organised. All the apps feel non-native and therefore i ultimately stop using them!
    Jonathan MessikaVP Product, Promo.com · Written
    A simple yet great solution to run my everyday tasks and errands! Highly recommended - give it a try.
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    Microsoft To-Do

    An intelligent task management app

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    I just started using Microsoft's To-Do upon the announcement of Wunderlist's being shut down and I'm shocked at how much I love it! It's got the same core things I loved about Wunderlist— it's clean, simple, and deals exclusively in checklists. It's the exact replacement I was looking for!
    Daylen SawchukComputer Systems Student in Vancouver · Written
    The app was made by the Wunderlist team, and it will allow you to import your lists from Wunderlist.
    Willie MorrisFormerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox · Written
    What about the app Microsoft is replacing it with? It looks pretty elegant.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Dave MartinFounder, Call of the Brave · Written
    Trello can be so much more than a just a to do list but does that job very well
    Matthieu de LuzeCo-Founder @ Studiolabs · Written
    What about that good old Trello?
    Nick StoneDigital Content Manager · Written
    I moved over to Trello about a year ago and every day I do something new with it that blows my mind would highly recommend at least taking a look
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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    I've tried almost every to-do app, including Wunderlist, which was wonderful when it just came out, and I've settled on Google Keep, because it just works, it's simple and beautiful, you can easily share your to-do lists (or notes, images, urls, etc.), and it syncs your reminders with Google Calendar.
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    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    I second that! It works for everything bookmarking and its Chrome extension comes in pretty handy.
    Srivatsan VenkatesanLeading Freshsales @ Freshdesk · Written
    +1 for Google Keep. I use it for sometime now and will recommend for someone looking for a simple to-do app.
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Arturo D. PardoOwner & Co-founder @ Tu Hogar México · Written
    Hadn't really used this tool until 6 months ago, I really used Wunderlist a lot, office and home, so when I had to learn Asana at first I was not very happy. The easy interface both on web and Android app made me love it, you can login with your Google account and that way have two apps, work and home, separated one from each other. You can create multiple teams, projects and tasks, each one shared with different people if you want and you can even attach images or documents to your tasks so things get done faster. I would strongly recommend this app to anyone who is trying to substitute Wunderlist, it's a shame Microsoft decided to kill it.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Siobhan O'Rorke made this product
    You can use it as a list, but also a kanban board, spreadsheet, mindmap... Way more flexible than Wunderlist and a lot more beautiful!
    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Not just a to-do app. Minimal and super flexible at the same time.
    Siobhan O'Rorke made this product
    It has a super simple list view, just like Wunderlist, but you can use it for so much more too! Absolutely love it.
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    Omnifocus 2 for Mac

    Put your life in perspective and get things done

    Olivia IsaacsFreelance Dev/Designer · Written
    A bit overkill compared to Wunderlist, but once I got my workflow set up it works very well.
    VelvorI'm Velvor, the one and only · Written
    I was reluctant at first because it looks overwhelming with a lot of options, but I decided to give it a serious try and it is excellent! of course it requires a greater learning curve than other programs, but it's worth the "pain"
    Dan MatthewsHead baker. Community Service Director. · Written
    This is without a doubt the best and most powerful to-do list application. High recommend this as well as the GTD method for productivity.
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    Remember the Milk 2.0

    Complete redesign and new features for the popular to-do app

    It has awesome Smart Lists capability, and has a not-that-complex-but-robust interface!
    With its much improved version 2.0, RTM is the most effective task management software I have tried, and I have been using it daily for as long as I can remember :)
    Kurtis DaneProduct Manager @ https://vettd.com · Written
    I don't have direct experience with Remember The Milk because I use Asana for everything including my personal task list, but it looks like a decent replacement for a simple task/reminder app.
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    Planner, tasks & habits.

    Aziz FiratProduct Design Lead at Tidal · Written
    I tried a lot of to-do apps and I still don't think I've found the best one, but the separation between work and home with Wedo works really well.
    Spencer P ShulemFounder, BuildBetter.app · Written
    Spencer P Shulem made this product
    We've been proud to offer the most free features of any to-do list app. We also just launched Time Estimating and beautiful themes. Import your tasks from Wunderlist and get 6 months free of WeDo Pro over at WeDo.com/import - Good time to checkout WeDo 🙌
    I've checked out most of the apps on this list and WeDo is definitely my top choice. Super simple and offers a unlimited sharing for free.
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    Dropbox Paper

    Collaboration tool built for teams

    We use Dropbox Paper for individual to-do lists, team to-do lists, and to discuss to-do items if required very easily. Perfect to use for personal stuff and share with a partner/friends who can easily edit things if you want them to, as well as in a work situation. Also great if your to-do list needs to evolve to have more info, images, videos, etc.
    Alex CioFIlm Maker & Social Media Geek · Written
    It is a nice tool and easy to use. Reminds me sometimes at Pages with the easy layout features that you can use with drag and drop. If you already have Dropbox integrated into your workflow, why not. But in some way, dropbox is more a FileHoster and so they might not pay too much attention to all the features or maybe even not add many new. And sometimes it is important to think about the future, because you don't want everybody move on to another platform just because the same like on Wishlist happened! :)
  15. RozBahramiDigital Media Manager, Skyprep · Written
    I would suggest looking into https://boosthq.com/project-mana.... It allows you to create and share google docs, spreadsheets, create checklists, add polls and discussions and everything is in one simple and intuitive platform!
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    Sorted for iOS

    Master your day on iPhone and iPad

    Harry NgCo-founder & COO @SortedHQ · Written
    Harry Ng made this product
    If you have tried every app out there, but still having long lists of tasks, but not getting things done. Sorted may be the answer for you. With the task scheduling concept in mind, you can make better decisions about time.
    Sorted is the best to do app i have ever used and i hope they continue to develop it, far into the future! It is ahead of it's time . check it out !
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    Connect and collaborate in a perfect flow

    Stefanos TsochasFounder @Archmule · Written
    Stefanos Tsochas made this product
    It is completely free, simple and works like a social network as you connect with your colleagues, your team and others. If you are a Wunderlist user and trying to find a balance between to do lists and task boards you should try Archmule.
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    GoodTask 3

    Task manager based on iOS reminders and calendars

    Steve IsaacsSenior Creative Director, bpg · Written
    I've literally tried them ALL, and GoodNotes is the only todo app I use steadily. Desktop and mobile versions are great, and it's built on top of Apple's Reminders.
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    Focus on what matters most in your day.

    DavisFounder at Flowhance · Written
    I used to use Todoist (Great option!) , but for some reason I like way better Whiteboard now, simple, clean interface and straight to the point, check it out!
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    The fastest way to sync your team with ongoing projects

    Helder Lucas made this product
    You can give winio a try. It's crazy simple to start working on it. You have projects and inside of it attachments, tasks and discussions. It doesn't have a ton of features that you wont use anyway. It just do its thing.
    Pedro Peres Lopesinfinitebook founder · Written
    I've been using winio for three weeks now, love the simplicity.