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Where do you buy stuff for your dog online?

Do you buy stuff for your dog online? If so, what do you buy, and where do you shop?
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    Warehouse Club Shopping On Your Phone Or Tablet

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    I'm a huge fan of Boxed. It's basically if Amazon and CostCo had a baby with the world's best work culture. I'm proud to support them and it makes it easy to get things like dog food / treats in bulk without having to haul it through the store / to my car / up the stairs, etc. or go out of my way to any pet stores (not usually central to my other errands).
    Đỗ Thị NhiTôi tên là Nhi, tôi đến từ Hà Nội. · Written
    I so like Boxed
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    A monthly box of dog goodies.

    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    I really like BarkBox - they send an assortment of treats and toys for your dog once a month. I figure that I spend more than $21-$29/month on treats and toys anyways, so may as well get them in a monthly box. They also make a great gift to your friends with dogs! (You can buy a single box for around $30)
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    Toothbrush for dogs they can use on their own effortlessly

    Albert ArshakyanDigital Marketing and Gadgets 🚀 · Written
    Because Bristly is World's Most Effective Dog Toothbrush for your dog ;)
  4. Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)VP Operations @ Product Hunt · Written
    I often use Amazon Prime to get dog supplies. I've got everything from dog bed, toys and food. The reviews are helpful and getting bulky items delivered is always useful.
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    Justin JohnsonI've got a few things going on... · Written
    Agreed - Amazon Prime, as with most all of my supplies. We'll go with Chewy every once in a while, but it's mostly Amazon and the local pet store.
  5. Himakara PierisFounder, · Written
    Great customer support
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  6. Miguel Florido VelascoSenior software engineer trivago · Written
    On internet you have several generalist options to buy products online. In my mind came four of the biggest retailers that for sure will have most of the things you are interested in: Amazon, eBay, Walmart and BestBuy. And, if you want to compare the price of them, the following application will help you on this:
  7. Daniel JohnsonFounder & CEO of Kalood · Written
    Daniel Johnson made this product
    I prefer Kalood because you can shop in groups call "CrowdShopping Campaigns" which offers lower prices than sites like Amazon and you don't have to buy in bulk like you do on sites like Boxed. Also unlike the other sites Kalood allows you to submit products you are interested in and they can be upvoted by other users (like PH). This is how they aggregate what products to sell so if you're looking for a specific dog product and it's not carried by the other sites you can submit it to Kalood and they will get it for you and offer a discounted price if enough buyers join in on the group buy.
  8. Writer Leah IngramWriter, entrepreneur, crazy dog person · Written
    My business that sells dog-theme cake pans and birthday candles for dog lovers that want to celebrate their pet's birthday.
  9. JohnsonStop talking, Start doing · Written
    Great customer support. Stuffs are awesome.
  10. Megan LoftsI like traveling and photography. · Written
    I use World Pet Express to buy medications and various products for my dog. Also there is a good blog with much useful informarion there. I've been using this source for several months already, and I should say, I'm pleased with its services.
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    Pumpkin Petcare

    The best treat is a healthy life

    Shih Tzu ExpertPet parent of 13 pups · Written
    Use a structured process, for example if you want to buy dog food, and your pup has a medical condition, like lose stools, then research to see what should be included in its food. e.g. then search for the specific items to buy online. Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach is always a good option, so is boiled pumpkin! Always consult your vet!