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Your essentials to reach personal goals in 2019?

The community here on Product Hunt is absolutely awesome, with tons of busy makers shipping one product after another. This got me wondering which hacks (or apps) you are using to keep yourself motivated, accountable and aligned with your personal goals in 2019? Not talking about full blown project management software here; thinking more of hacks (or apps) which you use personally, to stay motivated, keep on track and to remember yourself of the really important stuff.
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    Noëlie Rx
    Noëlie RxFront-end engineer · Written
    For me, Taskade is a great tool to stay motivated and focused on my goals for 2019. I was using a Bullet Journal but I get bored because I have to design new stuff by myself. Then I discover Taskade a cool to-do list with templates, that way I can recreate a bullet journal online, but also do a to-do list for work than I can share with my coworkers or another for my family and so on. So yeah, Taskade is my tool (and app) to stay keep on track and to remember me the important stuff I want to accomplish this year ! Give it a try ;)
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    Makerlog 3.0

    The productive community for makers and indie hackers. ✨

    Joshua Carter
    Joshua CarterCreative Fundraising and Marketing Pro · Written
    Recently discovered this when it was featured on PH - I'm excited to utilize Makerlog in 2019 to keep me motivated.
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    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    It's a simple task log that helps you stay productive and ship products faster.
    Fajar Siddiq
    Fajar SiddiqSerial Entrepreneur, Singapore · Written
    MAKERLOG CHANGE MY LIFE! It improves mental health, is a very friendly space and most importantly is free, fun, human, open, secure and is very useful! Now is available on Telegram, where you can log your task through @MakerLogBot too! Join the telegram group now:
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    AnnI love productivity and books. · Written
    Zenkit is a lot more powerful, but the interface is simple and clean, which suits for personal goal tracking and motivating too! I plan from my yearly goal to every tasks e.g. shopping lists on Zenkit! Both web app and mobile app allows me to access it wherever I want, so it is definitely my must have tool in 2019! Give it a try! P.s: I loved the product and now work part time for them.
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    Plan 1.0

    Manage & organise your life

    I've now been using Plan for six months and it's easily my top productivity tool, replacing a host of other apps that I had to use to keep on top of my to-do lists and outstanding tasks. On top of the seamless core functionality Plan really nail the little touches, things like: + the ability to reorganize to-dos on a list with a simple drag-and-drop function + displaying my to-do list (and easy ability to add new items) whenever I open a new tab in Chrome, a small detail that's saved me many hours of time by keeping me on-task whenever I open a new tab
    I have been a Plan user for a few years now and a VOCAL supporter - ask any of my friends ;) To build on what has already been described here, I use Plan's recurring task functionality and time tracking to help me develop new habits like reading each night and meditating each morning. The time tracking functionality makes it easy to keep tabs on how I am doing! !!!!THIS IS THE APP FOR MAKING YOUR 2019 GOALS REAL!!!!!
    While reading about the benefits of time blocking and about how to-do lists and traditional task managers don’t make you any more productive, I stumbled across Plan. For any time blockers out there, Plan is near perfect. Basically, it lets you quickly jot down tasks and then schedule them into your calendar via drag and drop (which syncs directly back to my Google Calendar!!). Love the simplicity of the daily agenda, and seeing all of my daily to-do's and calendar meetings side by side. My only criticism is there isn’t much documentation out there on how to use Plan. This doesn’t matter for most things because it’s really intuitive, but sometimes I’ll stumble across a new feature that I didn’t even know existed (like linking my Google Drive docs to tasks in Plan).
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    FelixProduct Designer & Maker · Written
    Notion has all the tools to build any productivity workflow you can imagine. You can manage tasks, projects and notes and structure them anyhow you desire. I use it to maintain my productivity workflow digitally, before copying the prioritised tasks into my planner.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Hugo Fauquenoi
    Hugo Fauquenoigrowth ツ product at doist · Written
    Hugo Fauquenoi made this product
    Using Todoist everyday to get life/work organized, I also use it as to log my goals and keep track of my progress
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    Ania W
    Ania WFounder of the Rootd App · Written
    Strava is a great way to track your activity. It's like a mini diary of all the hikes and runs you do in a year. Great for staying on track.
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    Ali Usman
    Ali UsmanFounder @Pages app | · Written
    Ali Usman made this product
    Goals on a paper are just words and cannot be achieved without some research and findings, The best way to save your research and work done on the internet is to put it in a central place which is easy to access and organised :)
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    The Agile You: Daily Planner

    Crush your #1 goal this quarter, in 13 weekly sprints.

    FelixProduct Designer & Maker · Edited
    Felix made this product
    I use The Agile You x to give me a structure to plan, reflect and execute. But obviously, I'm biased, because I made it. Plan. - I set one goal for a reasonable period of time (I choose 3 months) - Find the major milestones I need to reach, to hit that goal - Then I try and find the Highest impact actions I can take, to get to the next milestone. - Then I get to work on the first one. When I follow this structure, the question "what's the most impactful thing I could be working on right now" is often much easier to answer. Reflect. It's really important for me to consistently reflect and check my progress. So I can decide if i need to change tactics and quickly find out when i'm just tinkering, so I may do something about it. The Agile you gives me a structure to do this In. Execute. I also use to maintain a similar structure digitally, and to draft my plans, because it's easier to move things around there. I do this so that by the time a task gets into my prioritised in my backlog for the day, there is no room negotiation with myself. Nothing else can happen until it's done (trust your plan). I almost never reach the end of the list, but by that time the High Impact Tasks are checked.
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    Retrain your habits with visualization practice

    Eva Chen
    Eva ChenCreator of LazyHabit · Written
    Eva Chen made this product
    A meta habit app that opens other productivity apps (including some of the apps listed here like Strava and Todoist).
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    Stay motivated, stay organized and achieve your goals

    Mohammed Manssour
    Mohammed ManssourA Passionate Full Stack developer · Written
    Mohammed Manssour made this product
    MyResolutions is a simple app that lives in your menubar to help you plan your New Year's resolutions and keep your plan. you will never forget about your goals because they are one click away, as long as you have an eye on them you'll stay motivated to achieve them.
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    Create beautiful and customizable dashboards

    FerminrpProduct @ belo · Written
    Boxi is an amazing simple tool to keep track of what matters most to you in a minimalistic and easy to set up dashboard.
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    Simple and beautiful habit tracker for iOS, Android and Web

    I'm focusing on regularly installing healthy habits this year. I've found that habit trackers reinforce habit formation. They give me quick positive feedback: it feels great to check the box every day. And they make it easy to measure my performance over a week, month, or year. So they both encourage me to stick to my habits day to day, and also help me keep myself accountable at my weekly and monthly check-ins. I've tried a few, but have stuck with everyday because it's available on all the platforms I use, it works well, and at $12/year it's a good value.
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    The Agile You: Daily Planner

    Crush your #1 goal this quarter, in 13 weekly sprints.

    FelixProduct Designer & Maker · Written
    Felix made this product
    I think Goal Planner is great and have absolutely no bias whatsoever. 👺🎭 Overview Goal planner helps you Accomplish your quarterly goals (OKR's,) in weekly sprints. The Goal pages help you set OKR's, break down and measure your progress. The Planning pages help you focus on the few tasks that matter. Highlights - Set measurable goals (OKR's) - Break them down into actionable Initiatives (Projects) & Tasks (Actions) - Take action weekly & daily, with the Sprint planning & Daily planning pages - Measure your progress weekly & track it with the OKR grade-sheet - Learn & adjust course with the Sprint Retrospectives Give it a try and let me know what you think ;)
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