What's the best tool for creating a Resume?

I'm looking for a tool that creates beautiful and simple resumes. Major plus if the tool has features that can create a more engaging resume.
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    Create compelling eye-catching resumes

    Bogomil Shopov
    Bogomil ShopovProducts. Experiences. Data. Privacy. · Written
    I am using this product and it helped me to land a few very successful interviews. Great usability and flexibility. See an example here: http://bit.ly/bogoCV
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    Standard Resume

    One beautiful resume that works everywhere

    Noëlie Rx
    Noëlie RxEditor-in-chief and Front-End developper · Written
    If you want to have a resume quickly and without doing design, code or whatever, you can use this website. It will import your data from LinkedIn and the only thing you need to do is to pick the color of your choice and it's done!