What is the best app/software for client intake forms?

I'm looking for the best app that runs on tablet (ios preferred) that can be used to capture new client information as they register. I run a salon/spa so i would also like to capture photos of the client.
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    Envoy Visitors

    The easiest way to sign in visitors.

    Envoy might work well for this. I think they are marketed more towards large offices. But may work well for a salon/spa as well. Their solution runs on an iPad, takes pictures and is SUPER SLICK.
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    Typeform makes asking questions easy, human & beautiful

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatia51Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I love Typeform for these purposes. It really helps create professional and usable forms across all devices. The design and interactions really make it stand out. Your customers will notice.
  3. Hubspot captures all form input and adds it directly into your Hubspot CRM. They also have an iphone app, which I believe works on a tablet?