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What are the best social photo apps/websites?

In addition to Instagram and Flickr, what are the best apps for sharing, viewing, liking, and commenting on photos among a group of followers?
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    VSCO Cam

    The standard in mobile photography

    Robert HaverlyProduct designer · Written
    While it's social features are lacking (no commenting), VSCO has been one of my favorite editors for what seems like forever, and VSCO Grid is a nice --though very minimalist--viewing/sharing experience.
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    Simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network

    Robert HaverlyProduct designer · Written
    Ello is more of an "actual" social network, and has a lot more interaction points (including commenting). It's not specifically a "photo app," but they don't compress your images and it's very centered around visuals. Similar to VSCO, it's nice and minimalist in it's aesthetic.
  3. "The world's catalog of ideas."
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    Unsplash 4.0

    Free (do whatever you want) high-res photos

    Trevor SookrajFounder at Divisional · Written
    Can download them in high-res as well, very useful!
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    Discover great photo locations all over the world.

    Broda NoelSolving problems with people, and code. · Written
    Broda Noel made this product
    We just released NoFilter! NoFilter (I'm a maker) is an app where you can find the best photo spots around the world. So, for example, if you are planning to go to NYC, for vacations, you may have to check all the photo spots that are shared in NYC in NoFilter, while you are planning the trip. Obviously, this app has the social-media magic inside. You can create an account, share the spots that you discovered, follow users, etc etc etc.