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What are the best social photo apps/websites?

In addition to Instagram and Flickr, what are the best apps for sharing, viewing, liking, and commenting on photos among a group of followers?
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    VSCO Cam

    The standard in mobile photography

    Robert HaverlyProduct designer · Written
    While it's social features are lacking (no commenting), VSCO has been one of my favorite editors for what seems like forever, and VSCO Grid is a nice --though very minimalist--viewing/sharing experience.
  2. 2

    Simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network

    Robert HaverlyProduct designer · Written
    Ello is more of an "actual" social network, and has a lot more interaction points (including commenting). It's not specifically a "photo app," but they don't compress your images and it's very centered around visuals. Similar to VSCO, it's nice and minimalist in it's aesthetic.
  3. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré10Co-Founder PurposeBeyondProduct.com · Written
    "The world's catalog of ideas."
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    Unsplash 4.0

    Free (do whatever you want) high-res photos

    Trevor SookrajGrowth at Clearbit · Written
    Can download them in high-res as well, very useful!
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