Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale

What's the best non-U.S. investment robo advisor?

Betterment and Wealthfront are great for U.S. citizens. What's everyone outside of the U.S. using?
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    Smart investing made simple

    The team at Wealthsimple and their fantastic use of design, marketing, storytelling and user education have made their platform the most visible and approachable choice for Canadians. (even Prime Minister Trudeau gave them a shout out)
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    Online Investment Management

    Tom KinniburghMobile Guru, Founder, Gamer · Written
    UK Robo Investor! Strong and nice interface, charges 1%
  3. 10

    A revolutionary new robotics toy for kids (pre-launch)

    CkinverseUse what you have to get what you need · Written
    Definitely UK Robo investor!
  4. Josue RobertoTurning minds forward · Written
    Piggo is an automated, low cost, investment service for the Mexican market. Like Wealthfront for the US.
  5. Josue RobertoTurning minds forward · Written
    Vest is not like "completely" automated, but it lets you sign up for an investment automated plan and keep track of it. Works very well in Mexico City and it's supposed to work internationally soon.
  6. Tristan ColeCo-founder of Sempo · Written
    Simple, low fees for Australian Customers. Great to develop an investing strategy based on your needs, income, and timeline.
  7. Jordy van GentPerformance + Growth Marketing · Written
    Jordy van Gent made this product
    Combines that best of robo and human advice for a flat montly rate.
  8. Luke McGrath made this product
    Set a goal, invest in fully-managed portfolios, track and top up anytime. Works with over 5,000 investment professionals in 200 locations around the world. //I work here and happy to answer any questions!
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    Spaceship Voyager

    Investing, for everyone.

    Abi Tyas TunggalCo-Founder, Himalayas · Written
    Abi Tyas Tunggal made this product
    Spaceship Voyager is fee-free under $5,000 then 0.05% or 0.10% of your balance above $5,000 per annum. That means $10,000 invested will have a management cost of $2.50 or $5.00.
  10. Dilip SankarreddyFounder and CEO, QuietGrowth · Written
    Dilip Sankarreddy made this product
    Most advanced digital investment management service (robo advisor) in Australia.