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Do you have a favorite traveling app?

What are the apps that add value to your travels? In terms of saving time, having a good time, meeting locals, finding local deals?
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    Google Trips

    Exploring the world with all your travel info in one place

    Lachlan Campbell
    Lachlan Campbell11Hack Club design/JS—HS 🎓—they/them—🌈 · Written
    Google recently released an app for traveling! I don't love it but it surfaces reservations out of Gmail automatically.
    Jack Dweck
    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Unroll.Me · Written
    I agree with Lachlan. Google Trips has become indispensable when traveling. It automatically pulls in all of your travel info from Gmail (flights, accommodations, reservations, etc...) and let's you download an easy to read itinerary.
    ChakkaradeepSenior Program Manager, Microsoft · Written
    Hands down best app if you want to explore the area you are traveling. You can also download the details offline so you can plan something in your flight before you reach the destination.
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    Guides by Lonely Planet

    Explore city guides curated by experts.

    Lonely Planet is an amazing company for travellers and this app is no exception. I wish they had more places on there but what they do have is pretty awesome. I expect nothing less from LP
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    Foursquare 10

    Your ultimate city guide, in your pocket

    I use FourSquare a lot when travelling (not so much at home), especially going to the USA. The wealth of data they have is just huge. So much useful things on there.
    • Olena Pereiaslavets
      Olena PereiaslavetsResearcher in Cleveroad

      It's very cool that you can see the reviews of the user and friends like the institutions and share your opinion. Functionality is very convenient

  4. Jon Maximus made this product
    If you are looking for app that helps you on business travel than you should try FeetPort. FeetPort helps you to plan your route as per your clients and show all nearby clients by your current location, that help you to increase your productivity.
    Yes its great app for business travelers and field staff
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    Tastemaker-driven concierge to plan your perfect trip

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover83Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    My and @suzywillow used Journy to plan our trip to Lisbon late last year, super useful as someone who hates planning trips and messy logistics. They pair you with a concierge that recommends places to visit, things to do, and restaurants to go to, based on your preferences and budget. They literally plan your day for you.
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    Google Maps 4.0

    New material design brings bold graphics and fluid motion

    dimitar inchev
    dimitar inchevTeam Coworkies & StartupBerlin.co · Written
    I am adding Google Maps as I often use them to navigate around a city. Quite useful when you don't have Internet to just load an address before hand and just walk to you destination with the GPS on.
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    Hopper 3.0

    Personalized money-saving tips for your travel preferences

    Jacqueline von Tesmar
    Jacqueline von TesmarCommunity at Product Hunt ⚡️ · Written
    This app really makes you feel like you're making the best decision when buying a flight. It's majorly convenient to be able to track flights too. Great notifications telling you when to purchase too.
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    Eightydays.me 1.0 Travel

    A website that plans multi-destination trips in a few clicks

    Aleh Tsikhanau
    Aleh TsikhanauProduct designer & entrepreneur · Written
    Multi-destination trips are easy
    • Sebastian Marshall
      Sebastian MarshallCofounder at Ultraworking

      Yeah, this is very cool. I used to do something like this by searching with a large radius from Matrix by ITA Software (which powers the backend of many flight search engines). Very, very cool to get it in a few clicks. Very cool too.

    • Emme SINGER
      Emme SINGERMaking space

      Priced everything! I can know the budget in seconds. Gave luggage/carryon info on the same page. Itinerary illustrated making it easy for me to visualise. Can book INSTANTLY, locking all flights in at once! And, BEST of all, it chose locations I would not have chosen (from lack of personal experience) thus opening my mind and allowing for random dreaming and possibility. Potential Indiana Jones adventure thing. Very cool.

  9. Because you can have community members make your itinerary or give you trip recommendations. 🌍🌎🌏 Not to mention, you can earn money while traveling anywhere!
    Roseanne Doorne
    Roseanne DoorneI am a Full Stuck Developer · Written
    I agree with Lachlan. Google Trips - is the best
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    Eightydays.me BETA

    A site that plans your multi-city travel in a few clicks

    Aleh Tsikhanau
    Aleh TsikhanauProduct designer & entrepreneur · Written
    Aleh Tsikhanau made this product
    We are creating a platform that helps design travel itinerary
  11. Fatih Özdemir
    Fatih ÖzdemirFounder of citiletter.com · Written
    Fatih Özdemir made this product
    Give a chance this app. I hope you like
    Roseanne Doorne
    Roseanne DoorneI am a Full Stuck Developer · Written
    Useful interfaces and many interesting information about place, which you want to find.
    Roseanne Doorne
    Roseanne DoorneI am a Full Stuck Developer · Written
    Useful interfaces and much interesting information about the place, which you want to find.
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    All your travel plans, in one place

    TescapadeMake life simple. · Written
    It pulls my reservations and bookings into one place and at the same time, updates me on the latest flight changes eg flight delays, without much intervention.
    • Overall this is the best tool I've found for keeping track of your final travel plans. Any booking emails you get, just forward them to Tripit and it's processed and added to the plan almost instantly. You can also set up alternate emails if you have different addresses or multiple planners. iCal integration is really nice. Can be frustrating in a few ways: no calendar view for planning before you book, you can't attach a PDF receipt to your plans, the UI is old and awkward (but the mobile app is a bit better). However overall it does the basics better than anyone else so it's what I use every time.

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    How to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry & car

    VinayDigital Strategist · Written
    Best way to plan and compare your travel options!
  14. 2

    Fast, detailed & completely offline maps for mobile devices.

    Roman Eaton
    Roman Eaton3🔥Make your customer journey better with · Written
    Just prepare for your trip, downloading the exact maps and use them offline. Good for non EU travellers for whom mobile internet or roaming is too expensive
    • John McTavish
      John McTavishConstant Forward Motion

      I use Maps.me to follow routes by bicycle that I create in Strava's route builder. Have crossed the US and used it throughout Europe. Great that I can add info to places I find along the way. Run it in airplane mode to get the most from your battery life and navigate through areas without data coverage.

      Tried some other options but always come back to this.

    • Stewart Alexander
      Stewart Alexanderstewalexander.com

      I use this routinely, and as I am on Open Street Map editor, I have added hundreds of way points to areas I ususally visit

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    Cool Cousin

    Shaking up the travel world with good old human connection

    the locals know best
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    Use Emojis to find & rate places

    Tobias Szarowicz
    Tobias SzarowiczYOBO App - Ai based local guide - 🔜PH · Written
    Tobias Szarowicz made this product
    Cause I build this :)
    • Ralph Stenzel
      Ralph StenzelCTO, co-founder, advisor, mentor

      Super fun to look at emoji clouds and to discover places based on emojis, instead of having to read endless reviews and comments and star ratings.

  17. Vlad Arbatov
    Vlad ArbatovEngineering @ Mapbox · Written
    Radical discounts on rooms in top hotels all over the world.
  18. Nico Andrade
    Nico AndradeFounder, Quema Labs · Written
    Definitely TripCase, just foward any trip email and TripCase makes a complete planning of your trip.
  19. Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    Google Flights is one one of the best apps to add to your list. Use it when you need a quick check on airfare for round-trip, one-way, or multi-city flights. It's also good for exploring destinations based on price.
  20. Maxime Girard
    Maxime GirardFull-Stack Marketing · Written
    I like to use Blue Valet! You save time, cost while commuting to airports or train station! If you're in France, check that out. Available for Business :)