What's the best expenses tracker app you know?

I need an expenses tracker app, and since I don't know any, I would like recommendations.
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    Invoicing, Expenses, Time Tracking, Contracts & Payments

    Mario 🦊Building at readthegeneralist.com · Written
    Really smooth, minimalist UI. Beautiful, effective product. Also integrates with all of AND CO's other features (contracts, invoicing, time-tracking). Just makes the full freelancer stack simpler :)
  2. This is a great product when you are sharing expenses with a group as well apart from the individual ones.
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    DB Classic

    The smart calendar app for your finances

    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Great for personal expenses. Easy & low maintenance.
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    Your Finances in One Place

    SebastiánAudiovisual and Multimedia Communicator · Written
    This is the best app I have tried to record my expenses and it has been the only one I use for more than a year now. I used to have Money Lover installed but Wallet has a nicer and friendlier UI. Also, recent updates like "Labels" make it more useful. You can have multiple accounts (for more than 3 you have to pay a small fee which is totally worth it), charts, reports, budgets, lends records... Also, the one linked here in Product Hunt is outdated, the recent version of it is stunning, for it check their website https://budgetbakers.com
  5. Danielle CadhitCo-Founder, CEO @CostCanvas · Written
    Integrates well with all of my other apps and is great for keeping track of all the receipts and filing.
    yeah, can connect with my QuickBook account, which is great!
  6. Regiunea BanatSpending Tracker Android app developer · Written
    With 3 taps you can add any expense. Most detailed reports on the market. You can generate charts based on time intervals, categories and filtered by labels. It's under heavy development recurring payments and sync between multiple devices will be added in the near feature.
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    Really Simple Finance

    Uncomplicated finance tracker

    Marcos TanakaMaker of MusicHarbor · Written
    Marcos Tanaka made this product
    This app is made for people who want to easily track their incomes and expenses. I've removed everything but the essential from it. So it's super easy to use. And it has super cool animations built in!