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What products help you live without distraction?

Let's start a discussion about those products that truly make a positive difference in the attention economy ⏱ 📈 💯
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    Headspace 2.0

    Meditation made simple in just 10 minutes a day

    Headspace is *really* up there for me. If you are into meditation or interested in it, check it out :)
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    Take a break and meditate.

    Calm is my personal favorite - great for meditation! Fantastic stories, great guidance and the option to just have a silent moment
    Priyanka SharmaProduct Designer · Written
    Calm is great! The stories are wonderful and well narrated. Definitely recommending this to anyone who wants to sleep better.
    Bartek K. SoltysMobile Developer Student · Written
    Great app with tons of background music/sounds (or none if you prefer that) with a lot of content including a simple breathing timer and the Daily Calm- a brand new meditation session every day. Constant updates, Android/iOS/website support all at a great price with some meditation sessions also available for free to try out.
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    Noisli 2.0

    Improve focus and boost your productivity with ambient noise

    AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    A mix of the rain, forest and couple of other sounds make a HUGE difference to my working routine. Helps to focus, relax and fight stress, and all in one product.
    Music with words distracts me. I'm a weirdo.. so once I get tired of the BUMP BUMP BUMP of EDM, its Noisli for me.
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    Music for the brain to improve focus, meditation & sleep

    Been using since it launched and it is (no exaggeration) a life-changer. Whenever I'm struggling to get into writing/creating mode, I put on headphones and turn on "Focus" for 30-60 minutes. 5-10 minutes later, the distractions have melted away and I'm on task.
    Virginia BarnettSerial Entrepreneur · Written
    I agree, I also feel more motivated to complete the project I am working on.
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    News Feed Eradicator

    Replace your news feed with an inspiring quote

    Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in an endless mindless scroll-athon. Installed this on my laptop and saved all scrolling for devices instead.
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  6. Nikhil JoisGrowth, Bureau · Written
    Love the product and the way it guides even newbies such as myself. My go-to app for meditation these days.
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    Newsfeed Burner

    Burn away distractions on Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube

    Juho SAll great roads go through PH · Written
    This combined with turning off A L L notifications on phone and laptop (yes, you can live without Whatsapp message also, ask them to call / sms if it's urgent). You will see calming down sensation in matter of days.
  8. Jorge Mir AlvarezLead Product Manager at Postlight · Written
    Using a Pomodoro timer really helps get in focus mode. The integration with my current to do app (Todoist) is great because it's bidirectional. Plus, the ability to block certain websites during a timer is a nice touch.
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    A relaxation and meditation app by ustwo

    A totally new mobile relaxation and meditation experience for a calmer state of mind, Pause brings the act of ‘focused attention’ to the mobile screen. With a grounding in cognitive psychology and physiology, Pause uses a patent-pending technique to activate the restoration process and the relaxation response.
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    An interactive meditation app for mindfulness on the move

    Sway is an ‘interactive meditation’ experience. It uses your phone to track movement and provides feedback to help you gain focus and improve your attention.
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    Better Than Bookmarks

    Kasper VancoppenolleFreelance Growth Marketeer · Written
    Ever felt like those 100 browser tabs in Chrome are distracting you from work? This one is a bliss.
  12. I'd recommend using this as a Pomodoro technique. Combine it with a kanban style setup on a Trello board and you're good to go. 25 minutes work, 5 minutes allowed distraction. Eventually the breaks just get annoying and you keep focused anyhow. Good luck!
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    The best way to listen to Audiobooks on your iPhone

    Omer MoladCo-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    I know most people recommended mindfulness or productivity apps. But I actually find that when I'm walking my dog and listening to a book I go into my own world and really focus on one thing - the story I'm listening to - which basically never happens otherwise. It's not something that keeps my distraction-free all day - nothing does - but it keeps my focused on learning and improving for a short period of time and I find that really valuable.
  14. PavelProduct Design · Written
    TimeBit helps to focus on current and distract less. It`s a combination of timer & to-do list & routine builder made to keep focus on what`s really matters.