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What tools do you use to send emails (to onboard/to activate into a feature/to retain) in your SaaS?

I'm looking for use cases that you have. We're working on the product that solves those kinds of problems, your recommendations will help to focus on most valuable ones.
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    Carrrot (now

    Turn visitors into customers with data driven conversation

    Roman Eaton
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    Roman Eaton made this product
    As an author, just start this question with our product. In the launch day we sent emails to signed up users, created drip campaigns to activate into key features one by one and then reminded about the end of the trial period and discount code expiration.
    • When you identify your goals right inside the carrotquest you will get well-built instrument to make marketing based on your users' behavior. We used it more then a month and now reorganized the structure of goals inside.

    • The problem in many companies is information overloa, even by leadership team. Every team has newsletter, weekly update, etc. Unclear if carrot alone can solve this problem.