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What is the best restaurant recommendation app?

I am often lacking new places to go to in Paris, but abroad as well and don't really enjoy using trip-advisor..
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    Foursquare 10

    Your ultimate city guide, in your pocket

    Patrick Loonstra
    Patrick LoonstraDesigner of brands and interfaces · Written
    Still a very good resource of all tyhe things that are happing aroud you. I explore a lot of new stuff with it.
    Jeremiah Lee
    Jeremiah LeeTech for health, privacy, equity, Earth · Written
    Foursquare's most differentiating feature for me is its display of ratings of a restaurant only by fellow vegetarians. It helps me know if there is something I will be able to eat.
    Raj Mahal
    Raj MahalTravel Enthusiast · Written
    FourSquare is the best app I have found. They have the largest data set. Was able to use it in Myanmar without problem. It is way better than TripAdvisor and you find way more local places that are good. Also you can search places that are "good for working" or "good for dates" or "vegan" etc.
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    The Infatuation

    Restaurant reviews for the people

    IvanProbably on a coffee break · Written
    My personal favorite if you're in a metropolitan city in the US. Their editorial team does a great job not only finding new and great restaurants but also making recommendations and highlighting what they are known for.
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    Emily Kellert
    Emily Kellerttech lover & travel freak · Written
    I find Google Maps to be perfect when I'm in a new city and need to find well reviewed restaurants. I also like saving the places to a list so I can easily find them again.
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    The New TripAdvisor

    World's largest travel site. 600M+ unbiased traveler reviews

    Hyper Host
    Hyper HostReseller cloud hosting from £1.50/mon · Written
    I always use Trip Advisor, although not specific to restaurants it has loads of helpful info and pictures.
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    Connects top travel articles with maps

    Stephanie Goldman made this product
    Map2Next is a newly launched product hunt app 🚀 check it out. Useful around San Francisco and has 15 top US Cities. Basically it takes top articles and connects them to maps so as you are reading you can save interesting places from the Eater, Airbnb, Thrillist, etc. blogs that return when you google search.
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    uVibe: Real Time City Guide
    Romeo Onisim
    Romeo OnisimWeb Developer, Co-founder, Maker · Written
    Romeo Onisim made this product
    You can try out uVibe. It sorts all the places by the realtime checkins rather than sorting them by reviews. It helped me out when going out to new cities.
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    Top chefs give inside scoop on best dishes & foodie culture.

    This is an app where chefs recommend restaurants and eateries. The app works seamless to find restaurants that are near you.
    Phillip Hui Bon Hoa
    Phillip Hui Bon HoaFounder @Slope Agency. · Written
    This app is the best. No BS and no Instagram 'foodies.'
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    Foodie Advice

    Get suggestions on what to eat during your travels

    Farid Movsumov
    Farid MovsumovSoftware Developer / Maker · Written
    Farid Movsumov made this product
    Youı can find restaurant recommendations based on food that you want to eat in a specific city.
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    Is this place good?

    An iOS AR app for super quick and convenient pop up reviews

    Nouaman Mekouar
    Nouaman MekouarI travel and I build things · Written
    Nouaman Mekouar made this product
    This is great for when you're traveling, it shows you if a place is good or not in AR for whatever is really close to you. Also includes reviews. Disclaimer: I made this app
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    AwayTake : Compare restaurant foods based on price, food rating and distance & navigate
    Mikail Gurbuz
    Mikail GurbuzFounder @AwayTake · Written
    Mikail Gurbuz made this product
    Restaurant comparison apps like Yelp, Zomato, Tripadvisor lack the feature of letting users to compare foods of restaurants by exact food price, food specific ratings and distance. AwayTake provides location based food price, rating and distance comparison and navigates you to food of your choice.
    Mikail Gurbuz
    Mikail GurbuzFounder @AwayTake · Written
    Mikail Gurbuz made this product
    AwayTake app lets users compare nearby restaurants’ foods according to food price, food rating & distance and navigate to the selected food by car, on foot, by transit. AwayTake is the end-to-end solution partner for deciding the ideal food to eat out in terms of price, rating and distance and transmitting users to their ideal restaurant food in 41 countries with around 3 million restaurant foods of 200K restaurants. Just type the food you are looking for ie. Burger, share or set your location(ie Trump Towers or wall markt) and search food and all burgers around you listed according to burger price, burger specific rating and distance. Select one of the burgers you liked and choose your navigation option and thats it you are on the way to your ideal burger!
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    DWall.Online digital signage software
    Dwall Online
    Dwall OnlineRemote content management software · Written
    In order to manage queues and minimize wait times, counter service and fast-food restaurants require a clear and precise digital menu display of items so that customers are prepared when their orders are being taken. The effectiveness of Digital Signage (for Digital Menu Boards) has been proven repeatedly and on the Internet, you can even find qualitative and quantitative indicators of business growth using such media content.
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    MDLover of apps · Written
    This helps you collect and save recommendations from friends so you can find new places and get the approval of them from people you know.
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    Cravve App

    The Next Generation Food App for Foodies

    Carol Hoang
    Carol HoangFounder of Cravve · Written
    Carol Hoang made this product
    Would love to have you check out Cravve app. It is a socially powered food and restaurant review platform for foodies. We've got hundred's of thousands of restaurants integrated and over 10 million menu items. You'll discover top rated dishes and restaurants.
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    Zomato Whitelabel

    Platform for internet enabled restaurants.

    Sohail Khan
    Sohail KhanTech enthusiast · Written
    This is the best ever restaurant recommendation app and is widely used in my region , alongwith you can grab some good deals too with this app , and most of the other apps are cloned too from this app.
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    piHAPPINESS - Customer Feedback App
    Ankitha Sharma
    Ankitha SharmaNight Thinker & Woman Entrepreneur · Written
    Top feedback app designed to collect restaurant feedback on iPad & Android tablets