What is new cool in Travel Tech 2018?

Any API, websites, apps, blogs.
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    80days.me 1.0 Travel

    A website that plans multi-destination trips in a few clicks

    Multi-destination trip is easy
  2. Fatih OzdemirDesigner & Developer · Written
    Fatih Ozdemir made this product
    Give a chance this app. I hope you like
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    Visa List 1.0

    Know where you can travel with your passport tension free ✈️

    Aleh TsikhanauProduct designer & entrepreneur · Written
    Awesome Visa Checker
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    The New TripAdvisor

    World's largest travel site. 600M+ unbiased traveler reviews

    Great job!
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    Plan exact travel routes with the trace of your finger 🗺️

    Amazing and very useful
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    Sygic Maps

    The world's first online maps designed for travelers

    Cool update!
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    Presto Trip

    Cheapest multi city flights

    KartikFounder, Presto Trip. · Written
    Kartik made this product
    Hi ! Maker of Presto Trip here. There are two reasons why Presto Trip is cool. 1. Cost savings: It offers you the cheapest multi city flights. Our multi city date, route and transport mode optimizations save you typically 35% on your multi city trips, and often much more. We encourage you to compare prices vs. any travel search engines of your choice. 2. Discovery: It lets you explore many possible itineraries for your trip, showing you what each one would cost, including cases where adding cities to your itinerary would actually reduce travel costs.
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    Travel spontaneously within a budget

    ItaiSagiMaker of stuff · Written
    ItaiSagi made this product
    Travel search by budget