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What are some apps comparable to that don't require subscriptions?

Apps similar to - I like intercom however would like to be recommended comparable options. (Pref cheaper or don't require subscription).
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    A beautiful, simple live chat for websites.✨

    Alex Shvalev8CEO & Co-founder, Chaport Live Chat · Written
    Alex Shvalev made this product
    Chaport is a cheaper and simpler alternative to Intercom with the Forever Free Plan for 5 operators. It has beautiful apps for Mac, Windows, Web, iOS & Android.
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    Affordable marketing automation with 5 minute setup

    Ayush Mittal27bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Marketing automation: collecting data, live chat, emails, visitor targeting, marketing campaigns and much more. Been using this for a while, support is great.
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    Customer communication app for product marketers

    Nicholas SheriffFounder, Sheriff Ventures · Written
    It's the only one I've seen that's slightly comparable to intercom but in general their isn't anything that is "identical" to how amazing their platform is.
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  4. Nikolaj Bomann MertzBlogger at The Data Dynasty · Written
    I'm super exciting to see how Hubspot Message works. Hubspot is soon to become a one-stop-shop for communication with customers.
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    Talk to your website visitors- live chat software done right

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    AI & ML base chatbots & live chat with video chat & cobrowse

    Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré10SaaS Consultant & Community Growth · Written
    It still requires a subscription at $30 / per seat / per month.
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  7. MozammilVice President, Research & Development · Written is a really cool suite of apps but, if you are looking for a live chat app for your website, I found to be pretty great too :)
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    Crisp 2.0

    All-in-one solution to communicate with your customers

    Jindra BenkoCEO @ Oyster., ex-Dropbox, ex-Google · Written
    Intercom is really hard to compete but you should check Crisp as well if you are looking for an alternative!
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    Intelligent customer communication for web & mobile

    HelpCrunchHelpCrunch Team · Written
    Functionality almost equivalent to Intercom but much more affordable. cool-looking and user-friendly.
  10. Simple and easy customer support software with a knowledge base, live chat, and ticketing system.Comes with a very nominal pricing.
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    Communicate personally with every single customer.

    Jeroen Corthout ☕3Co-Founder Salesflare · Written
    Go for the real thing. You won't regret it. I wrote a post here about what makes the Intercom product so great: