What are the best personal blogs/websites?

Hope to find something similar to medium but would love to have the ownership of the property.
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    Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    @strikingly lets you add a blog to your website that you can customize. For a yearly fee you gain access to customizations that allow you to integrate any other service and display it's content, for example, you can instantly embed Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dribbble, etc, etc, etc, .. this is possible using their custom HTML feature. In terms of ownership, you are using the @strikingly platform to produce your content, but all content displaying would be protected by the Copyright at the footer of your website-blog. @strikingly auto-generates this Copyright for you and displays it at the footer of your website-blog. I have barely mentioned all of Strikingly's features, I consider it the best because it's built with modern-day technology and with it's Custom-Code options the customizations are endless and up to your imagination. While platforms like Tumblr and others offer the same, I found them more difficult to customize than @strikingly. You can easily review all the personal sites built with Strikingly @ https://www.strikingly.com/s/dis... In addition to this @strikingly now has happiness-officers who you can instantly connect with anytime to quickly handle any issues you may face.
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    Jessica Jean Armstrong made this product
    Vimix helps you import and embed videos on a white label website for hosting and sharing videos from YouTube. You can write full articles around each video, customize the thumbnail and share it to Facebook Twitter or Pinterest for your audience to enjoy. We're working on distributed analytics so you can learn how videos performed on each network you shared it to. Try it out!
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    Blogging and Publishing. Free. Open. Simple.

    Open-source and innovative. You may like it.
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    Intellyo Creator Engine
    AlitzelPersonal Brand Mentor · Written
    Alitzel made this product
    It is free for individual bloggers and it optimizes your content :)