Cloze 2.0

See everything about your contacts in one place.

Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
@cloze connects you to your contacts on a per-message level; Meaning it consistently pays attention to how you communicate and who you communicate the most with and, then gets you back in contact with them in-app. From my experience, it's difficult to manage contacts because you're trying to maintain contact with them within different channels; Whether that's emails, text-messages, etc. @cloze gets all the contact info about your contacts up-front; So the more information you give @cloze about a single contact the more deeply it can put you in contact with them across multiple channels including social, emails, etc. Not only this, if you're consistently networking and you're having a ton of contacts that you're trying to manage it reminds you to follow-up and continue conversations. I do recommend @cloze Pro which is behind a monthly fee but, compared to other contact managers out there @cloze works hard to maintain all of your contacts and your contact with them and, this helps you save time by not having to multi-task to do so - instead you get to manage all contacts and your contact with them within a single app. They're calling it relationship-management.