What is your favorite contact manager?

I'm looking for something that can manage multiple email accounts, social media outlets and multiple phone's contacts for both professional and personal accounts
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    The next generation contact manager

    Jonathan Costet
    Jonathan Costet3Head of Marketing · Written
    Jonathan Costet made this product
    There is no shortage of contact managers. The issue is finding a good one (integrated, automated, easy to set up and use). I tried many solutions listed in this post, and have found Folk to be the superior choice. It saves me a ton of time on simple, repetitive tasks. It also gives me a clear picture of my network and takes the hassle out of maintaining a diverse professional network (some entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, as well as journalists, former colleagues and classmates...). Hope this helps!
    • Jonathan Costet
      Jonathan CostetHead of Marketing

      I've been using Folk in private beta for some time, and I'm glad I can finally tell the world how much of a game-changer it has been for me! Folk saves me a HUGE amount of time: it keeps all my contacts from multiple sources in one place, it automatically deduplicates/enriches/adds email threads to contacts, AND it acts like a CRM but for my network. I had tested many options before, so I'm relieved I won't have to switch tools back-and-forth anymore!

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    • David Ryan
      David RyanCreator of Corilla.

      New product that instantly made me smile. It fits in between the virtually useless contacts list in Gmail and the distant-feeling CRM in the cloud. Using it made me realise this happy medium of Folk is much quicker for the kind of contact management and outreach most relevant for our company. Plus the overall UX and beautiful UI run rings around the majority of CRMs and contact managers out there.

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    Cloze 2.0

    See everything about your contacts in one place.

    Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    @cloze connects you to your contacts on a per-message level; Meaning it consistently pays attention to how you communicate and who you communicate the most with and, then gets you back in contact with them in-app. From my experience, it's difficult to manage contacts because you're trying to maintain contact with them within different channels; Whether that's emails, text-messages, etc. @cloze gets all the contact info about your contacts up-front; So the more information you give @cloze about a single contact the more deeply it can put you in contact with them across multiple channels including social, emails, etc. Not only this, if you're consistently networking and you're having a ton of contacts that you're trying to manage it reminds you to follow-up and continue conversations. I do recommend @cloze Pro which is behind a monthly fee but, compared to other contact managers out there @cloze works hard to maintain all of your contacts and your contact with them and, this helps you save time by not having to multi-task to do so - instead you get to manage all contacts and your contact with them within a single app. They're calling it relationship-management.
    • All said I have tried some more expensive CRMs and none of them were great for personal management. I really use Cloze as more of a minder for my sales interactions than a CRM. I wish it integrated with trello or todoist so I could just have it run things while I use my preferred interface.

    • Joao Camacho
      Joao Camachoproducer

      Nice design, good classification for automatic retrieve information from your mail browser. Lack of a good agenda with the days and hours, where you can change everything.

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    Zoho ContactManager

    Contact management software, refreshingly simple.

    Maintain your contacts in a centralized address book, and have a unified view of related tasks, notes, and emails.
  4. Will Curran
    Will CurranChief Event Einstein, Endless Events · Written
    Card scanning feature is amazing.