What is the best background noise service for productivity?

Background noise here can vary from soothing music to ASMR or even white noise.
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    Noisli 2.0

    Improve focus and boost your productivity with ambient noise

    Foscolos Nick
    Foscolos Nickinto design and computers · Written
    Many custom noise combinations. The first service I found with train sound!
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    • Dima Moroz
      Dima MorozDigital Marketer

      When I first found this through Chrome extensions store, I did not expect Noisli to have such a big impact on my focus and productivity. From now on, I take it with me to every office I move and every computer I use. Noisli is a must-have for an open office and helps you stay sane even when the world around is crushing down.

    • Maisha L. Cannon
      Maisha L. CannonTechnology enthusiast.

      Ambient noise increases productivity! What better way to supercharge your day.

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    Any song. One tap away.

    Julian Lehr
    Julian LehrCMO @ trydonut.com 🍩 · Written
    Spotify has quite a few playlists and albums with rainforest / white noise / whale noise sounds. Not customizable like Noisli though.
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    Music for the brain to improve focus, meditation & sleep

    Brain is my go-to for concentration and focus when I just want random noise that's not distracting. It has a few modes like focus, meditate, sleep, relax, etc. Allegedly, it also taps into scientific principles that helps you focus or relax and be more productive.
    • Jason Lindstrom
      Jason LindstromManaging Partner

      I bought a lift time membership and pumped I made the move. I find this really helps me stay on task especially if I've had a bad night sleep or an intense day.

    • Daniel
      DanielCTO, PlateJoy

      I have been using Brain.fm consistently since purchasing a lifetime membership back in January. I mainly use it during work (programming), sometimes when sleeping.

  4. I use this in different rooms in my house and it's perfect for both concentration and drowning out outside noises. It has customized sound - acoustic housing and dual speed fan allow for fully adjustable tone and volume control for a personalized sound environment.