Muhammad Saad Khan
Muhammad Saad KhanGrowth Hacker, Cloudways

What are some great career pages of progressive tech companies?

What elements should be there to make an amazing career page. What are some career pages you like of some tech companies?
Chris Heron
Chris Heron@chrisheron · CEO
@invinciblesaad I used to specialise in building career pages for people like Samsung and many smaller brands. The key is the content, not the structure. Also, a decent integration with an applicant tracking system (not an iframe). Videos videos videos, that’s all I am going to say. Your career page should be based on sound internal employer brand research also, it needs to be aspirational but also point over selling the company and the opportunity, It may help you attract more talent in the short term, but it will cause you more problems further down the line when people see the reality. Happy to give you some direction if you want, feel free to message me. Cheers Chris