Muhammad Saad Khan
Muhammad Saad KhanAssociate VP, Marketing at Cloudways

What are some great career pages of progressive tech companies?

What elements should be there to make an amazing career page. What are some career pages you like of some tech companies?
Chris Heron
@invinciblesaad I used to specialise in building career pages for people like Samsung and many smaller brands. The key is the content, not the structure. Also, a decent integration with an applicant tracking system (not an iframe). Videos videos videos, that’s all I am going to say. Your career page should be based on sound internal employer brand research also, it needs to be aspirational but also point over selling the company and the opportunity, It may help you attract more talent in the short term, but it will cause you more problems further down the line when people see the reality. Happy to give you some direction if you want, feel free to message me. Cheers Chris
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@invinciblesaad maybe check out this site, it will direct you to a lot of career pages (some of which are really not good, but some are great!)
ℕᗩℜℂozE ᔕuℬͲᒪ℮ ᒪiͲEᔕ
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@diskevich Netflix is looking for a Geek to join their team. I think they want to bully him, so geeks who miss high school need to apply to netflix.
ℕᗩℜℂozE ᔕuℬͲᒪ℮ ᒪiͲEᔕ
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@invinciblesaad answers to your question can be found in an article written by a guy from my uni he worked for Uber and my favourite startup also has some great career guidance Very good articles was written by startups were I worked (can also be found on Medium) or by my competitors & colleagues (FT and online news portals). are you trying to raise another profile in the name of personal branding? It's only very good careers that have amazing career pages. Crappy careers tend be reflected on LinkedIn
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@invinciblesaad Not sure. I basically was looking for a suitable company and job through Google search. Just entered the name of the job I needed and searched. It’s so much easier if you’re not sure what kind of companion you want to work with. But if you make a page optimization, it will be convenient. I recently found and I want to change jobs thanks to their resume. And on the page of my company I would like to see some information about the company, the stories of employees and the vacancies themselves.