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What are good (cross platform) file sharing tool alternatives to SHAREit?

I used to like SHAREit but recently it became a place for some really offensive and shady clickbait ads. It also became bloated with unnecessary features that no one actually needs. Thanks.
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    A Secure and Scalable Way to Receive Files for Businesses

    Amir Lahav made this product
    ImportFeed makes it really easy to receive and process clients' documents.
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    The simplest way to send your files

    Wilhelm BacherShaping the future of sales @ Demodesk · Written
    WeTransfer is a great service, they focus on simple filesharing and it works just great
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    iTransfer iT
    Josue LafolleBorn to Succeed... · Written
    iTransfer iT is Great, fast and focus mainly on file sharing and works great...
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    I recommend Filemail. There are no file size limits, even their registration-free service enables you to share up to 50 GB. Its desktop app uses UDP, so over long distances, it leaves TCP based tools standing.