Best way to launch a product with $0?

Some methods: - Make a press release and send it to journalists, hope it to get picked up - Tell about it on Product Hunt - Create a Medium post, describe the product / the process of creating it - Tell your followers on Twitter/Facebook - Anything else? But, what would you say is the best way to combine all these? Would I want to create a press release as the first thing, when there are practically no users yet? That doesn't seem very effective. Should I tell about it on Product Hunt first, i.e. get some feedback and initial users? Would this make it less newsworthy for the journalists as it is already announced somewhere else and the news publications wouldn't be the first ones to tell about it? I would like to hear some opinions from people who have done this before. And let's say the product is a website/web app to make this a little easier. Also, let's say you would spend about $0 to do this, to make it a little harder. Thanks.
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    List of the best places to promote your startup

    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Been working as a marketer for few startups and referred Promotehour list of communities to post a startup for free. Had a quick chat with super helpful Abby Smith (Growth Specialist) @Promotehour about their PR outreach and paid plans - sounds cool for someone with looking for all-inclusive reach.
    Looks good, thanks.
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    Traction Book
    I would read Traction if I were you. Loads of good ideas and tactics to use. Some free some you need to pay for. One traction channel you might want to look in to (now that I can see you are a programmer), is engineering as marketing. Build a simple tool of value and marked that. Hubspot got a lot of leads through that channel.
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    Press Kite

    Create A Free Press Kit For Your Startup 💌

    Chris Frantz · Written
    Chris Frantz made this product
    This tool is a free and easy way to start getting press for your startup! Build a free press kit and utilize the other included tools to build a comprehensive strategy to start getting press placements.