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Just bought a Mac, what apps should I install?

I bought an iMac and it's great, what should I install on it?
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    Adjusts your computer's display to adapt to the time of day

    Brennon Denny
    Brennon DennyCreating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡 · Written
    Simple and good for the eyes. Set it up and forget
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    • Pav Sidhu
      Pav SidhuDeveloper at Revisify

      Honestly, if I was to buy a new computer, this is the first thing I would download.

      Although Apple and Google have integrated blue light filters into their operating systems, they still haven't matched the capabilities that f.lux offers. f.lux gives you more control over the filter strength and once setup, you don't need to touch.

    • asif i
      asif iIT Engineer

      I have been using this since it first showed up on Product Hunt. It's probably my most used 'app' even though I barely ever interact with it. Once I found my optimal settings, I don't think I've opened the app itself more than a handful of times. It works as advertised most of the time. The only time I've had issues is when using it on external displays with Linux. Since it's my secondary device, it's not been much of a problem though.

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    Alfred 3

    The Mac's best launcher just got a whole lot better

    J. Alexander Curtis
    J. Alexander CurtisCo-Founder, Yagi Telecom · Written
    I use this 100+ times a day. I use it for basic math as a calculator, i use it to launch almost 100% of my apps (or even to bring them to the forefront when they are hidden), I use them to launch web searches, and more. I don't even think about it. Mapped to Opt+Spacebar, i can do so much with my computer without taking my hands off the keyboard. Alot of it is muscle memory now, so i can launch things in fractions of a second. Opt+Space+D+I will launch discord. Opt+Space+C+H will launch chrome Opt+Space+P+H will launch Photoshop Opt+Space+A will launch Atom (text editor) It gets even more powerful when you upgrade and get workflows which i have just started to do. This allows you to launch "scenes" like in home automation, but for your computer. You can also launch sequences or deeper intergrations within many apps, which is amazing. This speeds up my work by 100X, i don't exaggerate.
    Brennon Denny
    Brennon DennyCreating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡 · Written
    Spotlight just got an upgrade
    • Anna  Miroshnichenko
      Anna MiroshnichenkoWeb Developer

      I cannot imagine how to use Mac without it. Finding apps by name is more convenient for me that do it with standard ways that iOS provides

    • Nikita Dudnik
      Nikita DudnikDeveloper/Designer

      Workflow is a killer feature. Also, you can configure Alfred to be called by double tapping one of the modifier keys. This is super convenient.

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    Move and resize windows with ease on Mac.

    Brennon Denny
    Brennon DennyCreating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡 · Written
    Tool for Window management
    Daniel Bushkanets
    Daniel BushkanetsFounder of · Written
    really great for keeping your windows organized. Especially great when working with different sized monitors.
    Sachin Ganesh
    Sachin GaneshEntrepreneur, Game Dev, AR & VR · Written
    Must have for people switching from Windows!
    • I like this tool. It's simple, free and doesn't get in your way. You just set the hotkeys you want to use and manage your windows with comfort. It's also open source:

    • James Holcomb
      James HolcombCyclist and software developer

      A great window sizing and placement manager for macOS.

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    Magnet 2.0

    Window manager for Mac

    Aaron Soto
    Aaron SotoFront-End Developer | Digital Marketer · Written
    Easily and simple window manager
    Daniel Sieradski
    Daniel SieradskiI'm going hunting. I'm the hunter. · Written
    I went through a number of different window managers before finally discovering and settling on Magnet. It is the best of the bunch.
    Easy to use. Excellent app
    • Adam Tervort
      Adam TervortCustomer Success Director at SpiderOak

      This is one of the first apps I install on Mac. Using keyboard shortcuts to manage the size of windows is amazing, the kind of thing macOS should have natively.

  5. Nico André
    Nico AndréMostly Node and pixel developer · Written
    Keep passwords, credit cards, IDs... safe
    Daniel Sieradski
    Daniel SieradskiI'm going hunting. I'm the hunter. · Written
    There is simply no better password and personal information management tool for Mac and iOS.
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    J. Alexander Curtis
    J. Alexander CurtisCo-Founder, Yagi Telecom · Written
    This is a must have tool on any computer. But it really is at its best inside of Mac OSX. I use this for all my devices, on all my passwords, and store all my credit cards, and everything. I couldn't live without it. It is by far the best of all the password managers.
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    Get 100+ curated Mac apps in a single subscription.

    Daniel Sieradski
    Daniel SieradskiI'm going hunting. I'm the hunter. · Written
    For $10/mo you get a collection of some of the best Mac apps money can buy, including apps named above like Bartender, Numi, and iStat Menus, as well as CleanMyMacX, Expressions, Flume, Paw, Sip, Be Focused, and many, many more that I depend on every day.
    J. Alexander Curtis
    J. Alexander CurtisCo-Founder, Yagi Telecom · Written
    I was going to recommend this too. For $10/mo you have access to many of the best applications for mac.
    Kirill Gurbanov
    Kirill GurbanovProduct Head (mobile apps) at Sberbank · Written
    This is just an amazing way to have almost everything you need from Mac apps, just at $10/mo!
    • Christina Warren
      Christina WarrenSenior Cloud Developer Advocate

      I've been using SetApp for more than a year and I have to say, it's become one of my favorite services.

      I was skeptical about an app subscription service, but did the math and for Ulysses, Screens, and a few other must-have apps, it was worth its price.

      To my surprise, it has actually become even more valuable, as I discover apps I wouldn't have otherwise used -- like Expressions and TablePlus -- or that I may have been weary about buying for their price (like Downie, a youtube-dl frontend that is great but not something I'd necessarily want to spend $20 on).

      If you have already paid for some of the pricier apps in SetApp, it's "value" may not be as great -- but as time goes on and more major upgrades are released, it's something Mac users, especially power Mac users should definitely consider.

      I love it.

    • M. Akif Petek
      M. Akif PetekMobile - Web Developer

      First ever subscription model for macOS apps of different companies.

      It's awesome, I regret purchasing many apps before.

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    Bartender 2

    Organize and hide menu bar items on your Mac

    Great tool to hide all the unnecessary stuff in the menu bar. Will come in handy the more apps you have installed.
    Daniel Sieradski
    Daniel SieradskiI'm going hunting. I'm the hunter. · Written
    Absolutely essential if you're the kind of person who uses a lot of background applications.
    J. Alexander Curtis
    J. Alexander CurtisCo-Founder, Yagi Telecom · Written
    As you start to download more apps, your top bar will get cluttered beyond belief. Bartender allows you to hide all but the most necessary tools on your toolbar, but still access the other ones with one click. This should be a core-Mac OS feature in my opinion. But bartender is awesome
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    Quickly and thoroughly uninstall Mac apps.

    Dmitry A.
    Dmitry A.Every day is Monday, any day is Sunday · Written
    Using it for years, will help you to get rid of any app and all its "hidden" files.
    • Steven
      StevenDeveloper, Student

      Used this app for over a year and it works just as described. What's better is that I believe the application is still free, but you need to check me on that fact first.

    • Dmitry A.
      Dmitry A.Every day is Monday, any day is Sunday

      Using it for many years, so far so good, does what it has to do — removing apps and its hidden files

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    Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac 🚀

    Brennon Denny
    Brennon DennyCreating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡 · Written
    Type emojis anywhere
    • MacUpdate Editorial Team
      MacUpdate Editorial TeamThe MacUpdate team has thoughts on apps

      This is such an easy app for using GIFs and emoji anywhere. I have it set to launch at start-up and it's hidden in my menubar unless I need to add a cool new GIF. Once I figured out the best process for saving GIFs locally to then enter them into the app, I was settled on using Rocket for my everyday GIF sharing and emoji entry tool.

    • My first attempt to use this was in Atom. I tried typing out two separate emojis. In both cases, Rocket replaced the text with whatever was in the clipboard.

  10. •• onekiloparsec ••
    •• onekiloparsec ••Head of Software, Motion Recall · Written
    Unbeatable tool to follow what's going on on your machine.
  11. 10

    A beautiful calculator app for Mac

    A simple, user-friendly, mildly-powerful calculator.
    • Michal Subel
      Michal SubelBuilding digital products

      I have this app launched almost all the time and reaching out for it for any ad-hoc calculation needs. I love how forgiving the input is allowing me to mix text and numbers and still get the right result. One of my essential tools.

    • Nirav
      NiravLove to explore new meaningful products

      Love every bit. From simple design to the capabilities that it has. I generally travel around and inbuilt currency converter comes in very handy. The latest build is awesome where it lets me save and retrieve the files on need basis.

  12. 9
    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Very easy to use TODO list, but has some powerful features under the hood.
    • Chad Whitaker
      Chad WhitakerProduct Designer at AngelList ✌️

      I've been a Things user since 2007. Within the last couple of years Things 2.0 started to feel stale, and I found myself exploring other alternatives. Yet I could never end up replacing it.

      Thankfully, Things 3.0 comes out of nowhere with a completely redesigned experience that is fast, beautiful and it allows you to do everything with speed — the perfect recipe for a todo app.

      This app feels like it belongs on iOS 11 even though it was launched weeks before the iOS 11 beta was announced. It's that good!

      You still can't share tasks with others, but the great experience easily out weights that need.

    • Dan Duett
      Dan DuettProduct Manager, Stitch Labs

      I've used Things since 2010. It's the app I couldn't live without. To use it well, familiarize yourself with David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology.

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    Type faster using abbreviations for common phrases

    Type any characters and have them act as shortcuts to become other characters, words, phrases or entire sentences e.g. setup just two characters to expand into one's full e-mail address.
    aText is the ultimate text expander. It works better than any built-in text expanders and has saved me so much more typing in my email address a million times a day!
    • David Bograd
      David BogradFounder, Bograd Design

      I've used this app a lot when I was working in customer support, and often time miss it when I have to write my email (or anything repetative actually). I will download it again and get back to using it!

      Great that PH also surfaces "older" products.

    • Mikael Vinding
      Mikael VindingCTO, AP Technology

      aText is great. Make shortcuts like @@ for your email address, @ $ for work email etc. Things you type a lot like addresses, phone numbers, greetings and so on. If you moderate a forum or group this is a godsend as wel.

  14. 6

    A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose

    It's (for me) the best text editor to take rapid notes !
    • Justin Deardorff
      Justin DeardorffHunter/Gatherer of Ideas

      I searched high and low for a replacement to the Mac OS default Notes app, which is incredibly limited in functionality and insufficient for my needs. I had one twist - I needed to find a note taking app for Mac that did not sync or store notes in the cloud. Bear does just that and it happens to be great. I really enjoy the hashtag categorization system and ability to have multiple tags on a note. It's a twist on Evernote style tags, but with a lighter-weight style of notebook organization and management.

    • Scot Krueger
      Scot KruegerFounder of

      Overall I love Bear. It is beautifully designed. I love the simple interface and the ability to tag notes is amazing. It makes searching for old notes so much easier. This is better than Apple Notes and I love it so much more than Evernote.

  15. 5
    MindNode 5

    Visual brainstorming on your Mac, iPhone and iPad

    Ed Ferrigan
    Ed FerriganRelationship Coach · Written
    Best MindMapping Tool out there. Really nice interface. Always adds to it every years based on audience needs.
    • Paul Williams
      Paul Williamscreative problem solver

      I've been using MindNode for writing - have for years. I find moving branches of text is much easier than cutting and pasting in a text app. Great for mindmapping

    • bunnyhero🐰
      bunnyhero🐰i like bunnies and godzilla

      Great app. Too bad longtime supporters and boosters (buyers of MindNode Pro, back in the day) don't get any kind of discount. Sure, part of this is due to limitations of the Mac App Store, but why do they limit themselves to the Mac App Store only? Burning a lot of goodwill.

  16. 3
    Keyboard Maestro

    Conduct your Mac like a pro

    It's the best automator for the Mac
    • Lets you do anything with your Mac. Automate all the things! Script apps that don't have scripting support (by replaying macros containing keypresses, mouse movements, clicks, whatever), have your Mac react to USB events, date/time, your input, device keys, external triggers, sleep/wake events, filesystem triggers, etc.

      I use it heavily for a few years by now, it's one of my essential apps. New versions are usually insta-buys — when I read that v7 was released, I bought it without test-driving it first. Same thing happened a year or two later with v8. It's worth every single penny.

    • Patrick Loonstra
      Patrick LoonstraDesigner at

      It does repeating boring tasks for me. And also some fun logging stuff.

  17. kiani
    kianiDeveloper and maker · Written
    Great when you need something more than a calculator and less than a spreadsheet
  18. 2

    Free email template builder for designers and developers

    Yuriy36Marketing Manager @ Ardas · Written
    Make sure you have handy web browser to use any tool online. For example, online drag-n-drop and HTML email builder.
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    • Anna
      AnnaEmail marketer, copywriter

      In fact, I like it that my colleagues have a shared Stripo account. Convenient when a large number of people need to have access to work on and edit same projects. Would love to embed in my SaaS

    • Nastasiya Burban
      Nastasiya BurbanBusiness Analyst at Sprinkle Group S.A.

      We had a separate person, who has created adaptive emails for our company. Now we don't need it anymore. As a Business Analyst I spent a few hours for creating more than 25 emails. Stripo really decreases expenses.

  19. 2
    Pixelmator Pro

    The world’s most innovative image editing app.

    Dmitry A.
    Dmitry A.Every day is Monday, any day is Sunday · Written
    On Mac you will love it.
    • Dmitry A.
      Dmitry A.Every day is Monday, any day is Sunday

      Using it on daily basis, much easier than PS, the great option when you're not a professional designer, but still, need to deal with graphics and need PRO-tool for it.

  20. 2

    Free OS X app to configure custom gestures for your trackpad

    This is 100% the best tool. It adds the four-square screen docking and supercharges your touchpad and touchbar. Imagine being able to navigate between apps and tabs (alt+tab) with a swipe of the fingers - that's what this does. Imagine adding your own apps and shortcuts to the touch bar... it does that too. I recommend this to everyone.