Is there an expense tracking service that is as simple as forwarding a screenshot or email?

I'd like to track my expenses as *simply* and *quickly* as possible. I dont want automatic trackers, because many of my expenses LOOK like expenses but are not. If i purchase something from Amazon, i'd like to either a.) take a photo of the receipt, write a reason why its a write off, send it along, and be done with my day. I'd like it to accept links, text, images, and more if possible. Does this exist? I'm currently using expensify, but it is not at all 'simple' or 'minimal'.
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    Myke Bates
    Myke BatesStoked on iOS, macOS, killer front-ends · Written
    I was recently wondering the same thing. This has some pretty slick features, albeit more full featured than you might be looking for. But indeed has the capability to either auto-scan a gmail account or you can send an email with attachment to an email address they provide you.
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    ExpenseBot 2.0

    Expense reports done for you, not by you

    Hemanth G
    Hemanth GCo Founder, CTO @ Lobb · Written
    "Integrates with your credit card, calendar, email and mobile device to learn your habits as you spend and automatically track, categorize and add expenses to your report."
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    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    AND CO is definitely the way to go. They do exactly what you're looking for to track expenses + more. It's targeted towards business users, but you could use it for personal use, given that you don't want to use automatic trackers, like Mint.