Troy KöhlerML & Back-end Python Engineer

Do you know any tool for collaboration on social media?

Like google doc but for tweets and Facebook posts
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    Dionis Loire made this product
    Many digital agencies and marketing teams are managing their social media campaigns and content using Taskade.
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    The command center for your social media team

    Vlad Calus made this product
    Planable is exactly what you're looking for, it's a visual Google Docs for social media content - I'd love to help, if you have any questions!
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    Create a custom Twitter experience.

    Anita KirkovskaGrowth at Intersect Labs (YC S19) · Written
    They have bugs but it is useful for me
  4. Anita KirkovskaGrowth at Intersect Labs (YC S19) · Written
    I am just starting to use this. Good interface, should do the trick.