Algernon Parker
Algernon ParkerProfessional Photographer

What's the best email app for Mac and iOS with read receipts?

I like to see that people are getting my emails. I need to know what everyone else is using and happy with that thinks like me. Knowing that my email was delivered and when it's read is very helpful.
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    Mailbutler 2.0

    Your personal assistant for Gmail and Apple Mail 📬

    Armin Nikdel
    Armin Nikdelfounder, developer · Written
    It integrate with Apple Mail app. I've tried few other mail app, but none of them had Smart Inbox feature that Apple Mail offers. However MailButler solve the issue by providing advanced featured inside Apple Mail app.
    • Glenn Lidstone
      Glenn LidstonePresident, SHMS Inc.

      The best feature of MB to me was the toolbar icon that allowed you to quickly compose an email. NowI see three tabs in this icon: Activity which doesn't seem to do anything, Notes which allows you to put a note on an email (but this icon only displays the ones you have created), and Tasks (similar to notes). So, it appears the feature I used MB for is now not there at all. :(

    • I loved the email pause feature and sadly it has been removed. More importantly, the security issues introduced in v2 are a deal-breaker for me. If the makers are reading this, is there a way to still subscribe and use the old version? I deleted my account yesterday, but would start a paid subscription if I can still use the previous version.