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What is the best book for indie makers?

Any interesting and useful books that an indie maker should read.
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    MAKE Book

    Learn to bootstrap profitable startups the 👨‍🎤indie way

    By Pieter Levels - Maker of NomadList, RemoteOK, and other interesting products.
    • Marc Köhlbrugge
      Marc KöhlbruggeFounder of BetaList

      Many if not most business books are written by authors, rather than actual entrepreneurs. This makes sense considering entrepreneurs are busy running their business :)

      Despite Pieter being a true entrepreneur he still found the time somehow to write this book.

      I would recommend any (wannabe) maker to just go out and build stuff rather than read books. I bet Pieter would say the same. However, if you feel stuck or need some motivation, then this is the book for you. Buy it. Read it. And get back to shipping.

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    • Ross Currie
      Ross CurrieFounder, Brutal TearDowns

      This is the second time that the book has been featured on ProductHunt. The first time was back in 2015, when I pre-ordered. Yet to receive anything from Pieter indicating that the book is actually finished.

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    A book on how to build habit-forming products

    Also Hooked – I love books that blend psychology, business, and technology, and this one is just that. Both accessible and inspiring for any makers that want to create habit-forming products.
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    The book is great the worksheet is even greater. lot of Insights from other habit forming products
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    Make & Shine

    Grow an audience and get press coverage as an indie maker

    Anne-Laure Le Cunff made this product
    Shameless self-promotion. :) I think the book I just published can be super helpful for indie makers who are more comfortable building/shipping than doing marketing. It's straight-to-the-point and focuses on affordable and proven techniques to grow an audience and get press coverage.
    • [Disclaimer & Positionality: I know the author personally and have been cited and thanked as an example in the book. Here I read as a owner-operator, familiar with the majority of the content from academic, personal and professional experience. Reading the manuscript with fresh eyes, there were still sections that surprised and inspired me.]

      ‘Make and Shine’ meets you halfway as any sort of internet personality trying to put more beauty out into the world, to foster openness, to find your place and community and build a reputation, in reach and expertise. Anne-Laure specifically targets those who identify as Makers, with sparse resources, approaching the overwhelming task of publicising themselves.

      Anne-Laure cuts through all of that, writing without pretense, jargon, holier than thou coinages or self-aggrandising common to books like these. She decentres herself from the narrative, placing you, the reader, in a position of competence to command your personal brand. With tough love humour and tender encouragement, she outlines immediate, tangible, bite-size methods that help you develop a gradual and enduring following, find the appropriate press to take you seriously and develop a tone of voice that’s ‘you’ — that you can do with a consistent but meagre time investment, allowing you to return to what you do best, the actual making. In her eyes, the barriers to entry have never felt so low and so manageable. Once you finish reading, not only do you believe her, but you can see what she sees: making and promoting today is possible, sustainable and rewarding. You might just be overthinking it.

    • Reading this book feels like talking to a good friend. Anne-Laure does not overcomplicate things. She knows exactly why you’re procrastinating on marketing your product, and helps you with kind advice and guidance. I read Make and Shine in one go, without putting it down. I'm sure you will, too

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    Zero To One

    Peter Thiel's new book on Startups

    Paul G
    Paul G@spacehook · Written
    Extremely solid so far. A must read for indie makers and startups.
    • Simon Cockayne
      Simon CockayneFounder & Happiness Nurturer @

      I didn't agree with Peter's stance and thinking on all aspects. E.g. early specialization early in education.

      But I think that's cool. Even the things I didn't agree with made me think and stretched my mind too.

      If you are thinking about a startup or innovation, read this book.

    • Michael Bennett
      Michael BennettMarketing, sales, operations.

      The most important book you can read on building transformational startups that build and then bring generational technology to the world and live changing returns to teams and investors.

      This book is focused on wisdom and frameworks for Type A companies and teams, those with extremely large missions and top talent. I love this book and try to reread once a year. As a disclaimer, it's not geared toward iterative entrepreneurs developing linear solutions to problems, and in fact, calls that out in the book, so be warned :) It will undoubtedly leave anyone who picks it up inspired and ready to get to work.

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    Free book featuring practical tips from top Product Managers

    Gabriela Araujo
    Gabriela AraujoContent Director - Tech & Product Lover · Written
    'Launch: The Roadmap to PM Success'. Inside, there’s advice from the geniuses behind successful product launches at companies like Tinder, Snapchat, Disney, Wag, Play Station, Dollar Shave Club, and more 📱💻 Whether you’re looking to start a new career as a Product Manager, or you’re an experienced veteran with a hundred product launches under your belt, this book will help you take the next step forward 👣
    Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia made this product
    What separates top product managers at companies like Google, Facebook and Tinder from the rest? Why not learn directly from Product Managers at the top of their game, with punchy, practical advice from the best of the best
    • Robert Ozankan
      Robert OzankanProduct Marketing Manager, Consultant

      Great variety of information from working Product Managers. Also includes links to their talks in the PDF.

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    The Product Book

    How to become a great product manager

    Gabriela Araujo
    Gabriela AraujoContent Director - Tech & Product Lover · Written
    When you can’t pound down a half dozen books on PM, you can pound down one that has it all: The Product Book. So far I've learned all the basics from product lifecycle, process flows to product metrics. The reality is that resources for PMs are scant and this book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to start building GREAT products. I recommend this book to any aspiring product manager looking for industry insider's perspective to start, develop, sell and promote a new product in today's fast-changing business world. 😄
    Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia made this product
    Based upon Product School’s curriculum, which has helped thousands of students become great product managers, The Product Book explains exactly what a product manager has to do. Filled with practical advice, best practices, and expert tips, this book is here to help you succeed!
    • Juanma Varo
      Juanma VaroFocused on make the companies grow.

      I work in marketing with an analytical background and learning about business. My profile is very similar to a PM, but I didn't know what a PM does or needs.

      This book was like a holy slap that helped me to understand what I've to do know and how to do it.

    • I first came to the Product Book with a passion for innovation but knowing little about how great products actually get made. After having read the book, I'm able to think like a Product Manager and have clear, step by step strategies for brining my ideas to life. Would heartily recommend this book to anyone with a passion for creating good products or leading teams.

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    Company of One

    A book on why staying small is the next big thing in biz

    Colin Winhall
    Colin WinhallProblem solver. · Written
    A great mentality for any aspiring entrepreneur to have, especially indie makers just starting out!