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What is the best book for indie makers?

Any interesting and useful books that an indie maker should read.
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    MAKE & SHINE Book

    Grow an audience and get press coverage as an indie maker

    Anne-Laure Le Cunff made this product
    Shameless self-promotion. :) I think the book I just published can be super helpful for indie makers who are more comfortable building/shipping than doing marketing. It's straight-to-the-point and focuses on affordable and proven techniques to grow an audience and get press coverage.
    • Danielle Johnson
      Danielle JohnsonMaker of ReleasePage & UptimeBar

      Beautifully written in a friendly and easy to understand way with lots of examples. I purchased the extended pack and the worksheets will really help me define my audience, values, mission etc so that I will be armed with all the information I need to start building my brand.

    • Reading this book feels like talking to a good friend. Anne-Laure does not overcomplicate things. She knows exactly why you’re procrastinating on marketing your product, and helps you with kind advice and guidance. I read Make and Shine in one go, without putting it down. I'm sure you will, too

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    MAKE Book

    Learn to bootstrap profitable startups the 👨‍🎤indie way

    Felipe Molina
    Felipe MolinaBlogger at · Written
    By Pieter Levels - Maker of NomadList, RemoteOK, and other interesting products.
    • It's a gret summary of what you need to bootstrap an idea, but it lacked of sincerity since its inception.

      We've been waiting and, in spite the end result is visually attractive, I feel slightly scammed. Early adopters payed a lot for an ebook which production lasted too long and is not printed. In the meanwhile, Pieter talked about how he was investing in cryptocurrency —with our investment on his book?

      Besides, the community helped him write the book for free.

      Moreover, It doesn't have bibliography nor sources from his biz school studies; it seems he withholds some tricks from himself (or his blog). Also, there is some media out there where he says almost the same things for free.

      It's a great exercise of personal branding, but lacks of technical depth, following the rule that if you failed it is because you did not work enough. It would improve with more strategic principles rather than mere tactics.

      If you'd like to get in touch with the feeling of successful bootstrapping, read "Things a Little Bird Told Me" by Twitter's founder Biz Stone (paperback, 20$). On how to structure a new business, "Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers" by Alexander Osterwalder (paperback 19$). On great design, I recommend you read "Da cosa nasce cosa" by Bruno Munari.

    • Marc Köhlbrugge
      Marc KöhlbruggeFounder of BetaList

      Many if not most business books are written by authors, rather than actual entrepreneurs. This makes sense considering entrepreneurs are busy running their business :)

      Despite Pieter being a true entrepreneur he still found the time somehow to write this book.

      I would recommend any (wannabe) maker to just go out and build stuff rather than read books. I bet Pieter would say the same. However, if you feel stuck or need some motivation, then this is the book for you. Buy it. Read it. And get back to shipping.

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    A book on how to build habit-forming products

    Also Hooked – I love books that blend psychology, business, and technology, and this one is just that. Both accessible and inspiring for any makers that want to create habit-forming products.
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