Adam BulmerWeb Developer, BBC

What's a good tool for creating software engineering diagrams?

I am looking for a tool on OSX that enables me to draw UML and flow chart diagrams.
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    Easily draw diagrams & collaborate with others online

    Oras Al-KubaisiSoftware engineer, Startups passionate · Written
    Easy to use, you can share with your team allowing them to view or edit
    Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré10Co-Founder · Written
    Love Lucidchart! @trevorhatfield and I use it a lot during our consulting calls.
    • ra.v.ggrinder

      I'm using Lucidchart to create figures (system architectures, concepts) for professional technical documentation (aerospace sector).

  2. Digrammermini cooper driver · Written
    Neat app with big library of free solutions and samples for IDEF0 and DFD
  3. Paul Williams5creative problem solver · Written
    Adam, I've been using OmniGraffle for years and LOVE it... I use it for anything that Photoshop can't handle... flowcharts, diagramming, mindmaps, social media graphics, presentations...
  4. 2

    Create and share diagrams easily

    Hemanth GCEO, Wipadika Innovations · Written
    Simple, Quick and easy.
  5. Basil AbbasFounder and CTO, · Written
    Excellent all in one for diagrams, and UX designs.