Dan Edwards
Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt

What are your must-have plugins for Sketch

I love Sketch, but I'm sure there are a good few plugins out there that I'm not using that could improve it even more. What ya got, Product Hunt?
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  1. Spotlight for sketch, do everything through it :)
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    Simply utility to adjust Sketch nudge settings

    Andy Bell
    Andy BellFront-end developer and designer · Written
    I've had this one forever. Super useful.
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    Craft Prototype, from InVision

    Design, prototype, and collaborate seamlessly

    Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt · Written
    If you use InVision, use this.
    • Julie Delanoy
      Julie DelanoyDesign at Product Hunt

      I mostly use Craft for syncing with Invision and the library to always have the last update for the colors and text styles of our style guide. It's really useful, and I can't complain except when it makes Sketch suddenly crash. At first, I thought this was a Sketch problem, but after looking into it, I learned that Craft could be sometimes instable. Still, it's worth the risk 😉

    • André Bose do Amaral
      André Bose do AmaralFounder/CCO/CEO, Mecenato.co

      Am a recent convert to Sketch + Craft, and the connection to InVision raises productivity dramatically. Large files with lots of artboards/hotspots still face issues synching up, though, which is a bit annoying.

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    Unsplash Sketch Plugin

    Easily incorporate Unsplash photos in your Sketch projects

    Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt · Written
    Really handy for quick photo placement
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    The color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch.

    Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt · Written
    Helps a ton to ensure designs are fully accessible for users with color-blindness
    • Overall a fantastic tool. As a designer, you can seamlessly integrate it into your design process without introducing complexity. I have included this tool to my team workflow while leading UX team at HBO Latam and my company RefineAI.