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What is the best app to make you productive?

I have to deal with multiple tasks within a single day, what is the best app to boost productivity?
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    Taskade for Chrome & Firefox

    Turn your new tab into a team checklist, note, outline ⚡️✏️✅

    Dionis Loire made this product
    Taskade lets you make structured lists of things. It's like a task list, but much smarter, with infinite hierarchy. It's super simple, fun, and flexible.
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    Notion 2.0

    The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

    Agathe MametzProduct Designer · Written
    Replace Google Docs and Google Sheets, Trello, Bookmarks. A powerful tool to organize and keep track of things. My team loves it!
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    I would recommend Zenkit. You can organize your tasks within different data views like a simple list, Kanban or a calendar. I use the technique "Getting things done" to keep on track.
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    Free email template builder for designers and developers

    Yuriy38Marketing Manager @ Ardas · Written
    Stripo email builder is saving up to 60% of your time on email creation and cutting routine processes via: - 260+ pre-designed email templates and 1,000+ ready-to-use blocks - layout building automation with help of Smart-blocks - built-in tools for creating banners, editing visuals, using image rollover and countdown timer effects. Create emails in Stripo and send from major ESPs and email clients you use including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, SendGrid, eSputnik, Outlook, Gmail, and others.
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    Mike Flanagan4Product Manager · Written
    It's like Trello meets Google Docs, but simpler and more intuitive. Great for sharing knowledge in a team and collaboration on projects.
  6. sravya mDigital marketing analyst · Written
    To help productivity, I would recommend Troop Messenger into your workflows. There are so many different automation platforms that it's hard to choose one. Personally, I'd go with Troop Messenger. The design idea of this tool is to collaborate, share, and communicate new thoughts among fellow employees of every organization. Small, medium, large or any size of organizations can give a sure try of Troop Messenger for their endless office chat communication and collaboration.
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    AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

    Hannah White16Marketing Manager · Written
    To help productivity, I would recommend incorporating some automation in to your workflows. There's so many different automation platforms that it's hard to chose one. Personally, I'd go with Tonkean. What sets Tonkean apart from other automation tools is the idea that workflow automation shouldn't stop when workflows switch from applications to people. With your standard automation tools, you can automate the processes that work with machine-to-machine and app-to-app communication, but not people. A great, simple example is an incident response to something like a server going down. The server fails, a notification is sent to your support ticket system, someone on the support team is notified and then that person works until it's solved, then manually goes in to the support ticket system and closes it. With Tonkean, the automation wouldn't stop there. The server fails, a notification is sent to your support ticket system (which is synced with Tonkean), Tonkean then reaches out to the right person, the person is prompted to take action to resolve the ticket, but it looks like they need someone else's help from their team. They flag them in Tonkean 30 minutes later when Tonkean requests an update (via Email, Slack or Teams) - Tonkean Bot "Hey, what's the status on this?" Person 1 "I need to loop in Person 2 for their expertise" Tonkean Bot "Great, I'll get them involved" This process would continue moving along and Tonkean would continue working with the team to ensure all relevant people and applications are aware of the latest status and looped in when help is needed. When the task at hand is complete, who ever wrapped it up can respond to Tonkean in their preferred communication tool and say "Server is back up, please close ticket" Or, depending on how you've synced Tonkean with your servers, it might catch the fix before the team even gets to it to update the ticket on their own. Think of Tonkean as a platform to monitor workflows and every moving piece of them. All of this information - the work that is being executed by Tonkean and the communication and collaboration with your team - is housed in the specific workflow. As the owner (or participant) of said workflow, you're able to go back and see where each workflow is and how it is being addressed. It's like a workflow mission control center. Tonkean helps you automate tasks, manage your workflows (and people), monitor all your responsibilities (as high level or minute as you want) and improve upon your business process productivity.
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    Advanced Email Tracker for the whole team

    Email tracking, send later, email templates! Like it :)
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    insanely simple free time tracking

    Being able to track time makes me productive, sometimes
    CloFounder, This Too Shall Grow · Written
    Nice time-tracking tool with super simple UX. Very customisable too!
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    Drag Pro

    Transform Gmail into organized To Do lists (like Trello)

    Duda BardavidCo-founder @Drag; Alumni @MIT @Techstars · Written
    Duda Bardavid made this product
    A must-have to organize emails! Like Trello, but in Gmail :)
  11. We have a team of field service, sales, audit executives and FeetPort help us to manage all field teams from a single desk and help to improve the productivity of our field team. Now we can get all status updates in real-time and communicate with them on task comments to provide better information to field team and get real-time feedback from the field.
  12. John MiltonDigital Hunter · Written
    This tool will make you work with Context and it brings all your communication in one place. try it
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    The All-in-one Product Management Platform

    If it is referred to the productivity, you will definitely pay your attention to Hygger. It is a great online application that makes your workflow really efficient and productive: there you can try such functions as roadmaps (for the proper work planning and goal achievement), the page with Eisenhower's prioritization matrix (for useful tasks allocation), checklists (for tasks execution monitoring) and other helpful features. Try it yourself and make sure in it!
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Juraj KostolanskýWeb developer, indie hacker, maker. · Written
    The best todo app I have tried so far. It is simple, it has a lot of options and the natural language parsing is really nice.
    Steve CoryaComputer Guru and Marketing Geek · Written
    View and manage tasks in a beautiful and efficient manner. Create tasks using syntax ranging from natural language to markdown. Track productivity with karma.
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    One combined workspace. All of your team documentation.

    Laure Albouy3marketing @ slite · Written
    Laure Albouy made this product
    An app to increase your team's productivity by making it easier to document, share and organize their work.
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    Makers by Product Hunt

    A place for Makers to share, connect, and reach their goals

    Nikolay SiabrenkoMaker of, · Written
    You can create public goals which you should complete because all already see it :)
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    Stripo 2.0

    WYSIWYG editor for interactive AMP emails

    Hanna Kline made this product
    Saves up to 60% of my time on creating emails. Love it)
    Ivan Burban15CMO at Stripo · Written
    Ivan Burban made this product
    For email marketing team
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    One app to manage your entire small business 🎉

    Jakub OlanNode.js Software Developer · Written
    I think Pluto is great for organizing tasks for personal life/work or even small business.
  19. Sanjay PatelProduct Designer · Written
    Sanjay Patel made this product
    It's the new elegant project management tool that merely your task management, time - logging, invoicing, build for a small team & individual freelancer.
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    IC Project

    Simple but useful project management system

    Ease of use and confident functionality.