What's the best tool for understanding user behaviour?

Looking beyond the basics of Google Analytics etc. Who does automatic user behaviour reporting?
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    Smartlook Qualitative Analytics

    Free user recording, heatmaps and analytics for sites & apps

    Fabian MaumeFounder of Tetriz.io · Written
    Smartlook is a good complement to GA data. GA give only quantitative data which are good to understand the what. Smartlook provide qualitative data like user recording, which helps to understand the why behind GA data.
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    See how visitors are using your site and get visual feedback

    Maybe take a look at Hotjar, it allows you see what users are doing on your site.
  3. Fabian MaumeFounder of Tetriz.io · Written
    Amplitude has some automated reporting feature like personas which cluster users based on their behaviour. However those feature are only in the premium plan and required quite a lot of data to be accurate.