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What is the best alternative to Google Chrome?

I'm looking for a web browser that is simple and good to use for working. Chrome is pissing me off because it's using too much RAM.
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    Firefox Quantum

    The newest, fastest version of Firefox yet. 🔥🦊

    i think it's faster than Google Chrome and you can sync your profile with Google
    YuriyMarketing Manager @ Ardas · Written
    It is good alternative to Google Chrome
    Firefox Quantum is an awesome alternative that is cross-platform and with Firefox Sync + Pocket it is easy to sync my bookmarks (& add-ons) on any device.
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    Fast, safe, private browser

    Nick GurneyProduct Manager · Written
    Brave is still built on chromium, minus all the bloat and security issues. I'd recommend if you're attached to Chrome specific things such as user profiles and extentions.
    Noëlie RxEditor-in-chief and Front-End developper · Written
    I think Brave is the best alternative to Google Chrome. It's based on chromium so you can synchronize with your google account to have all your bookmarks and your extensions. It also block natively ads and tracking stuffs. So it's a great alternative respectfull of your private life especially when you use Qwant with it.
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    A new browser for the power users by former Opera CEO

    Léo BenoitOracle engineer consultant · Written
    Just Vivaldi
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    Safari 10

    The best way to see the sites.

    Anton BalitskyiProduct Designer · Written
    If tou are on a Mac, Safari is by far the best alternative to Chrome. It has advanced privacy features, syncs with your iCloud, lets you natively watch videos in picture-in-picture mode and just as fast while being more battery and memory efficient.
    Simple, Great Privacy & Beautiful.
    Ben Clarkprofessional scratch dev · Written
    if you've got an iPhone and/or a Mac it's a no-brainer
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    Opera Reborn

    New version of Opera, codenamed Reborn, now with messaging

    Nick ArmentosJust someone that like to share things. · Edited
    Instead of be just more one chromium based browser, Opera have a legacy of innovation in the browsers history. The built-in VPN isn't perfect but is sufficient for the most basic uses.
    Pankaj SinghI help people find startups. · Written
    Built-In VPN and Adblocker, and you can install any chrome extension to opera as well.
  6. Dachi GubadzeFounder · Written
    Dachi Gubadze made this product
    It is much better for the web-apps than chrome. Not so good for browsing (yet) : )) but way better and handy if you are a heavy web-app user. ps. hmm... as of RAM, can't say that Stack wont eat shit load of RAM, but still check it out : ))
    Multitasking browser. I guess it would be very good option for Social Media workers and online Shopaholics :)
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    Vivaldi Browser 2.0

    A powerful, customizable desktop browser

    Haithem LaabidiDigital Strategist & Creative Director · Written
    It has everything you might need! Customizable User Experience , Improved Performance , Tab Stacking , Sidebar Tabs , Chrome Extensions etc... and a great community !
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    DuckDuckGo Privacy App & Extension

    Privacy, simplified. Available on all major platforms.

    Adam CochranGrowth@DuckDuckGo, Amateur maker · Written
    Fast privacy focused mobile browser for Android and iOS.
    sasmita patiI am a digital marketer & HR · Written
    Its the best alternative as it keeps your information private. And shows information same like Google.
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    Yandex Browser

    Minimalistic concept browser created by Yandex (alpha)

    Lama_in_da_houseFun and games are my second names! · Written
    it a very nice and convenient browser
    Tam HNcollege student · Written
    Great features
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    Cake Browser

    The world's first swipeable mobile web browser.

    Cake browser is built for the 21 century. It is mobile only and works with "swipes" so you can go back and forth very convinently between websites. Super intuitive and fun to use actually
  11. Available on all platforms, great tab management, save tab sessions to open all or some of them later very easily. Fastest on Windows. Easy sync with mobile app, super fast to continue on phone and back on pc again. Has a ton of extensions in own store and Chrome extensions also work pretty easily on it. Oh and saving you some RAM of course.
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    Fulldive Browser

    chat directly on any web page and browse without ads

    Eugene Berlin made this product
    Evry is faster, has its own AdBlock, provides an opportunity to leave comments and reactions on any website. Plus, all-in-one home feed that makes it possible to forget about switching between multiple applications, because all user's news, feeds, social medias are on Evry's homescreen. PH page:
  13. Audi R. NugrahaLike to try things · Written
    This is good browser. Very light. You should try If you no need browser extensions/addons. But falkon have built-in adblock though. I'm using it on my old laptop Celeron M 430 1.7 GHz and it's really fast.
  14. If you are looking for the alternative to Chrome you can only use Mozilla Firefox It is on the same line with Chrome and I think that in future they will be on the same level. But Chrome is still on the first place.