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How can I find a web development mentor?

I work for a charity in a digital team of one. To help this health charity achieve its potential to save thousands of lives and millions of pounds for the health service, I will need to hone my programming abilities. To do this I need to find someone who can give me a couple of hours a month to discuss my next steps and be my accountability partner. How can I find this person? So far I'm coming up crickets. Thank you so much.
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    Hack Hands

    Instantly connect with a qualified programming expert

    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    Hey, I pretty regularly mentor jr. developers. Both 1-1 and in groups. I'm not doing it right now (too busy w/other things). But here is my take on how to go about this: The easiest option, would be to use something like Hack Hands or Airpair. You can hire a senior dev to chat with / build a relationship with. I know several people who have done this and had great results. The next would be approaching developers that have already achieved what you're trying to accomplish and ask if they'd be willing to mentor/pair program with you a couple times a month. The going rate for this is generally somewhere around $70-$250 an hour. Some people are willing to do this for free. But I find if there is some sort of compensation, then you're both more likely to stay consistent and make good use of the time. Another option. It's fairly common for their to be small "accountability" meetups in cities/tech hubs. This is where people all working on their own projects meet up each week to discuss what they are working on. These are a bit harder to find. If you have any local mailing lists/meetup pages. Checking there would be a good place to start. Hope this helps!
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    Kriya AI

    Find relevant professionals and write smart email intros

    Ravi Vadrevu made this product
    If you are open to pay for their time, Kriya is a great place to connect with people around web development skills. Cheers!
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    DevProjects by Codementor

    Learn programming by building projects.

    krys (krys/they/them)
    krys (krys/they/them)Founder, Prynce Huey · Written
    I used their mentoring service to get help polishing up some code I was putting together to explain an idea to developers I was working with. Trying to describe the solution wasn't working so I wanted to produce something to visually demo the solution I was going for. Codementor was great for getting me help when I needed it - that allowed me to keep my costs low and build a relationship with a few different highly skilled devs. They charge for the time but it is generally an affordable way to get the help you need to build on your own and learn a bit at the same time.