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What are the best ethereum based products?

There are a lot of ethereal products but which one is the best?
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    Brings Ethereum to your browser

    Look at this one. Easy to install and nice interface
    • Marc-Antoine
      Marc-AntoineOMG i dont know

      One of the easiest way to use ETH, even though the UX is still far of the non-crypto standard. Confortable to use, it is simple to manage multiple wallet and to switch network.

      Oh, and the interface can be quite slow when cats get stuck in the tubes.

    • Nick Neuman
      Nick NeumanProduct at Casa

      Metamask is one of the only ways for people to interact directly with Ethereum apps at the moment. They have an early mover headstart but will have to work on their UX if they want to stay ahead.

  2. 7

    Real-time transaction notifications for the blockchain

    VITALIY LEVIT made this product
    Get email notifications for all Ethereum and all ERC20 token transactions.
  3. Boris Mann
    Boris MannOpen sourcerer · Written
    I’ve known the team since they were bootstrapping. Great mobile wallet and mobile dapp experience. Now as part of Binance, they’re multi-chain as well.
  4. Arpit Mathur.
    Arpit Mathur.Software Engineer · Written
    Collectable cats on the Ethereum network. Well designed and an interesting game mechanic.
  5. A Stripe-like experience to interact with the blockchain. For developers, the Fortmatic API allows you to do everything with Ethereum but abstract away the complexities of Solidity!
  6. Web3 based. DAPPs Store onboard. Slick, simple and smart. Friendliest and intuitive interface. Extrasecure. Wallet with the best UX/UI on the market. Bye, foxie!)