Ryan ShookCreative Director

What's a good Mint.com alternative?

Mainly just want to be able to see all of my accounts in one place and kept up to date. Mint struggles to keep things updated and gives me headaches with constantly re-authenticating.
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  1. Josh DayCofounder @ wayfx · Written
    Welcome to the world of Clarity Money, where we have your financial back. We help you take control of your finances by cancelling wasteful accounts, lowering your bills, getting you better deals and managing your financial life — all in one place for free.
  2. Alexander ObenauerFounder, Mindsense: Mail Pilot, Throttle · Written
    The methodology driving YNAB has been an absolute game-changer for managing my finances. The app definitely has bugs and quirks, but the workflow is perfect.
  3. 2
    Personal Capital

    All your accounts, All in one place.

    Jason FrasierDesign Director · Written
    It has all your bank accounts, retirement, credit cards etc
  4. 1
    Wave Accounting

    Fast, easy accounting for your small business

    Nikki BarronMarketing & Communications | Mastin Labs · Written
    I really like Wave apps. It's great for personal and business.
  5. Caitlin BolnickStartup gal turned software VC · Edited
    I hope this is the right Albert as there were so many of them in the list- ha! Albert is super simple and easy to use. I've tested a ton of these financial trackers that just try to overcomplicate things too much. This is not the case with Albert. Its dead simple and you can save some of your money through it as well.
  6. If you're a MacOSX user, I suggest trying Balance (downloadable on the Mac App Store). It's a simple tool that integrates all of your accounts to give you (1) a quick overview of your balances, (2) notifications, (3) insights - all from the menu bar of your Mac device. It actually stays relatively up to date and you can always check with the refresh button.