Zachary Martin made this product
Joule is a great tool to help project managers distribute tech and web development micro-tasks without all the hassle. After months of closely examining the freelance marketplace, and the industry's inability to quickly get tech and web development micro-tasks done, it's really exciting to see the launch of General sentiments regarding the current freelance marketplace incumbents (Upwork, Fiverr, etc.) and the industry as a whole are quite negative. Go to Reddit and search topics such as "freelance" to see the attitudes people currently have. Check out some of the support tickets that Upwork posts on its Twitter account. It's not good, to say the least. Joule really did its research when it came to discovering what customers wanted and how a platform could help people get tech tasks done more quickly and simply. We're looking forward to seeing how Joule will revolutionize the freelance marketplace and hope you do too!