What's a good tool for Project Management?

I work with multiple software teams and they're all using different tools for project management. I'm curious what project management tool people prefer, and why.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    I love Trello. Kanban works well for me. It's also so simple anyone can figure out how to use it quickly. Plus very customizable + so it works for more advanced usecases as well.
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    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatiadesign @mercury · Written
    Trello is really great. I'm currently using it to collaborate with a few freelancers on a project. Easy to setup and it's free for the basics, which is all we need!
    I love Trello because it is so simple, yet effective. You can manage basically any project with Trello and share access to your boards with clients (with several different permission settings available).
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    Evan Kimbrell
    Evan KimbrellFounder, Sprintkick · Written
    We use Taskade and it's simple and free for teams. One of the more imaginative things about Taskade is that projects can be toggled and edited in different views like kanban into mind map. Lot of free templates here https://www.taskade.com/templates
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    The All-in-one Product Management Platform

    Iryna Maniuk
    Iryna ManiukMarketing manager · Written
    Kind of Jira-Trello combo but with a broader functionality and muuuuch easier to use. Love it for managing multiple teams and projects! It's also budget-friendly: free for individuals and teams up to 5 people (+ a free trial for everyone)
    Kate Makovskaya made this product
    Hygger is the complete project management platform for Agile teams. From dashboards, tasks and checklists to communication, reporting, time and progress tracking, Hygger has everything a team needs to move the project forward.
    Torben Simon Meier
    Torben Simon MeierFounder & CMO, RAIDBOXES · Written
    Its still after beta but much better as just Trello to manage your projects in teams. We use it in our startup (RAIDBOXES) to make 14-day sprints and Kanban. Just perfect with some little bugs but they fixed every time from the makers very fast!
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    The work management platform for teams

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatiadesign @mercury · Written
    I love the design of Asana. This is definitely a strong contender and also comes with a free option. It makes me want to do a better job of managing projects, and people around me feel the same. I used to dread using JIRA, but came to like it more with Confluence tied directly. I'm leaning toward Asana for any new long-term projects I work on.
    Dettrich Balázs
    Dettrich BalázsA productivity enthusiast · Written
    Though I recommended two other tools as well, Asana is my choice when it comes to task and project management. The free version comes with sharing with up to 15 people, unlimited tasks, sub-tasks, projects, some customization as well. With the premium you get a couple extra features, but I never missed them.
    Stanislav Dimitrov
    Stanislav DimitrovJuggling too many projects. · Written
    Asana is absolutely great! Been using it for the past couple of years and it does the job perfectly.
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Dettrich Balázs
    Dettrich BalázsA productivity enthusiast · Edited
    Zenkit is a great free option for individuals and small groups. It can represent your tasks in different views: list, kanban, calendar, mindmap... whatever works for you the best. And with custom fields you can do magical things.
    Easy to switch between spreadsheet/row and trello/kanban view, even to mindmaps and (soon) Gantt charts. This is Trello's natural successor.
    Eric Ang
    Eric AngDigital Marketing Manager, O&C Resources · Written
    Zenkit robust multiple view is especially useful when putting different people onto same platform with different usage behaviour.
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    Confluence 2.0

    An open and shared team workspace

    Caitlin Bolnick
    Caitlin BolnickStartup gal turned software VC · Written
    Its super robust and I know it sometimes gets a bad rap, but as a PM its by far the most flexible and familiar software for prod/dev teams.
    Théo Blochet
    Théo BlochetCurious human. PM @ Stripe · Written
    JIRA's the worst, but also the best. I've tried Pivotal Tracker, and also had to use Trello/Git Issues in some teams - yet I keep coming back to JIRA. Once customized, it really saves a ton of time defining stories and planning sprints.
    Basil Abbas
    Basil AbbasFounder and CTO, https://clockit.io · Written
    Hand down the best for software development. Has a slight learning curve but is super powerful and effective in managing software projects.
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    Project management without all the management.

    An almost perfect mix of power and simplicity for agile product management and development teams.
    Jeffrey Fermin
    Jeffrey FerminCo-Founder New Theory & Officevibe. · Written
    Clubhouse puts all of your projects, teams, and tasks, in one place. It has a good UI, and its filtering makes it easy for you to focus and navigate through all the tasks you're working on.
    Jeffrey Fermin
    Jeffrey FerminCo-Founder New Theory & Officevibe. · Written
    From idea to implementation, Clubhouse helps software engineering teams plan, build, and deploy their products with ease.
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    Keeps people on the same page

    Antoine Gadaud
    Antoine GadaudBusiness Developer, Symbiosys · Written
    Basecamp is a reference for small businesses. Our web and mobile development team uses it for projects, and we're very satisfied!
    Sam Howat
    Sam HowatProduct Nerd · Written
    I can second this. We run our entire business through Basecamp now. The "Work Can Wait" mindset and features have been useful for helping our team slow down, think, and respond.
    Jesse Orndorff
    Jesse OrndorffArticly.me - Automated Blog Writing · Written
    We've lived off of Basecamp for the last six years, easy to use, and perfect for working with clients.
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    Airtable Interface Designer

    Create custom interfaces to fit your team's specific needs

    Dettrich Balázs
    Dettrich BalázsA productivity enthusiast · Edited
    This is not explicitly a project management tool, however it's flexibility allows you to build your own - and with ease. Think of it as spreadsheet view of your tasks with database functionalities and a lot of flexibility.
    I’m still very new to it, but Airtable is very user friendly, intuitive, and JAM-PACKED with features, views, flexibility in setting up your sheets; I haven’t yet found myself in a situation where I didn’t think ti through and just started in the middle (find myself in this position all the time online) but NOT on Airtable. You can really just add, here or there, or drag or expand the record, and tweak it, adding fields on the go....so far, I love it!
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    Evernote Web - Oct 2014

    Note taking gets even simpler

    Rohit Asil
    Rohit AsilCEO, Fracktal Works · Written
    quick and easy note taking, the existence of the app sometimes pushes the user to make notes and stay organised
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    Loop Email 2.0 💌 🚀

    Your team's new inbox 👨🏻‍💻👩🏽‍💻

    Ana Topoljski
    Ana TopoljskiSocial Media Manager · Written
    Loop brings team messaging to your inbox so you and your team can share emails and quick messages in one place. Loop is a secure email desktop app that works with your Gmail, Outlook or any Office365 account. Install Loop, connect it with your existing inbox, create your sales, marketing, management or any other project teams and start messaging.😻😎
    Anja Skočir
    Anja SkočirCustomer experience manager at Loop · Written
    Loop helps me do my work much faster. I love the fact that I can have a private discussion about a certain email and later I can simply reply to the original email. This makes sharing of emails much more efficient.
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    Google Calendar inside your Trello

    There's no need for PM tool to be huge and monstrous. What makes Planyway useful is its easy-to-use UI, in combination with all known Trello benefits. It pushes the boundaries of any already used calendar and makes easier their integration with each other through the Trello UI. Dragging inside calendar is pretty handy, though it's full of hidden opportunities. PM has a plenty of tools and views to make the team be focused at work, not at spending the valuable time in studying complex apps.
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    Take better notes, your way

    Georgia Evans
    Georgia EvansMarketing Coordinator · Written
    My favorite tool for project-management is actually a note-taking app called NoteLedge by Kdan Mobile - I've been using it at work, mostly for small projects. The best thing about this app is that I can create a project to-do list, have it synced on all my devices, share it with my co-workers for collaboration and brainstorming. It's also quite easy to create visual aids with graphs, images/videos and audio, so if my project needs a little boost in the creativity department, I just use the web-clipper tool for gathering media content across the web and use it as my inspiration. I recommend this app for students, business-oriented users any anybody else who's in need of a good note-taking app.
    John Bryant
    John BryantSenior Software Development Engineer · Written
    I use it for interviews. Since you can attach the sound bites anywhere, I outline my podcast with apple pencil, then fill in sound bites as I go, it's great
    Jean Leonard
    Jean LeonardI am CRM Marketing Specialist · Written
    It syncs so fast. I actually like to switch between my devices now, it makes my phone so much more useful than before
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    GitHub Projects

    GitHub takes on Trello with new project management tools

    Kevin Suttle
    Kevin SuttleSenior Software Engineer at @Webflow · Written
    It's no longer just for programmers. Product managers, legal teams, content strategists, UI designers—there's enough for everyone, without feeling overwhelming.
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    Mateusz Zatorski
    Mateusz ZatorskiCo-Founder of Product Brew · Written
    Works great for my team
    Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~
    Tkachenko Arthur ~UA~Building code for Food Tech projects · Written
    Because it's integrated with your code base. If you're developer or PM - it's a good place to manage tasks, issues, deadlines, releases.
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    Our team loves Nuclino. It's less cluttered than most other PM tools and it gets the job done faster.
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    Project Management software for creative professionals

    This tool has a ton of functionality, yet it's simple to use. You can manage your whole company from one place, from task management to invoicing based on tracked time. Also, great design. 🙌
    Really love the way you're able to have multiple project views and a great overview of all the activities. Essential for tracking time, workload and expenses.
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    Get more done with smart time estimates and assignments

    Andres Gutierrez
    Andres GutierrezFullStack developer at FactorialHR · Written
    Our company uses Redbooth every day to plan projects in our marketing and product development teams. It fits perfect in our stack and keeps all of our work organised and on track.
    Màxim Colls
    Màxim CollsProduct Manager @ Redbooth · Written
    Redbooth is an intuitive task and project management software that gets teams organized and keeps projects on track.
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    Manage, share, and get your work done smarter

    Dominik Kugelmann
    Dominik KugelmannGet Patronum free w/ Workspace from 22d! · Written
    It's a great tool for project management w/ Kanban and Scrum.
    Pascal Briod
    Pascal BriodHead of Product & Co-Founder, Monito · Written
    Very complete and flexible solution for project management.
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    Lasse Lumiaho
    Lasse LumiahoGrowth Hacker, callstats.io #WebRTC · Written
    Highly customizable tool that can run anything from a CRM to a bug tracker. It also replaces your Slack!
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    Real-time team messenger tool

    Chat and share info with your team instantly. Channels serve as data repositories so that's a plus. Also you can integrate PM tools like Trello, Asana. Covers all bases.
    The best I've used so far. Packed with features and yet still easy to use. Using it with their help desk software is s great combo
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    The Best Platform for Client Work

    Scope CGN
    Scope CGNSr. Productmanager, Cologne Germany · Written
    Offers good task based project management functions but also trello style kanban boards if preferred. Gantt view when needed. collabo tools like seamless office document integration with full subversion and a great granular rights & roles management if you want to invite clients to projects.
    Teamwork PM - where Project Management meets with User-friendly UI in easily customization yet powerful way
    Valerio Neri
    Valerio NeriGeneralist / IT & Processes · Written
    Teamwork allows for several ways of managing projects, from a simple checklist, up to a Gantt chart with deadlines and dependencies (or have it kanban-style). You get nested subtasks, start dates, time budgeting and controlling, can manage project risks, have a messaging section for keeping everyone updated. I’ve heavily “exploited” the API for extended usage and we were able to use Teamwork as a workflow management system. There is a free tier for giving it a try...