Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Founder

What tools do you use to improve your English writing skills?

I'm not a native speaker and would love to use some smart tools to make my text better. what do you use for this? Also, some time ago it was a tool on Product Hunt which reduces not-needed words, making your writing style clearer. Maybe someone remember what it was?
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    Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

    Anton Mozgovoy
    Anton MozgovoyLaunched 3 startups. Made 1 exit · Written
    Lisa, I would say that this is so far the best correcting tools I've ever seen. It is seamless, it provides explanation and it is a freemium model based (but a free version of it would be far more than sufficient)
    Lama_in_da_houseFun and games are my second names! · Written
    yeah! it helps me a lot!